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Chanel Nails: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Styling

Chanel Nails: Introduction

Who knew Chanel meant channel? Isn’t it a bit unexpected? The popular Chanel brand is a french brand owned by Alain Wertheimer. It is a luxury brand that mainly makes different kinds of luxury beauty and clothing related items. The popular French brand Chanel is often represented as Haute Couture twice a year during the fashion season. Although people sometimes do get confused while identifying Chanel from Dior.

They are pretty similar yet too different. Chanel leather is absolutely caviar while Dior is more of its own represented leather. Nowadays, Louis Vuitton has become the famous brand’s adversary. The brand got so famous that women love to have the logos onto their nails. Let us check out and probably try some of these extraordinary Chanel nail looks!

Coffin With Stiletto And Chanel Nails

Wow! Look at that combination! It is totally unbelievable to mix and match nail shapes! Well it is a success. Stiletto nail shape and coffin nail shape really work together well. Black and baby pink can be chosen for this look. The index and the middle finger can be kept in the stiletto nail shape while the thumb, ring finger and little finger can be kept with coffin nail shape. The only nails that were going to experiment with and make them look different than the others are the middle finger and ring finger even though they are of different nail shape.

Chanel Nails

Paint the ring finger with baby pink shade and get the logo of Chanel in the baby shade giving it a dripping effect. As for the stiletto middle finger, paint it matte black and try to put some little silver beads on the nail to highlight the black canvas. For the rest of the nails, go for a pink chrome nail effect. This is such a pretty and bold combination.

French Tipping With Chanel Nail

Almond shaped nails are always the best choice for French tip nails. Choose a shorter nail length for this look. Or you can even choose a medium length if you are willing to wear them. Either way the nails are going to look elegant. Just like any other French nails, do all the necessities as nail care before starting the process. Then a slight pinkish shade of nail paint with the undertone that matches your skin color after the base coat. Go for a deeper French tip rather than a shorter one.

It is good to experiment sometimes. You do not have to stick to the classic French tip or the length of the French tip that you usually do. Go deeper until the middle of the nail. Draw the Chanel logo in gold right on the ring finger on both the hands. Make sure to draw it right under the French tip leaving a few millimeters. If you can not draw, opt for Chanel stickers. They are widely available everywhere. Top the Chanel nails with a gloss as a protective layer. You can also add glitter if it is any night event.

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