Sushil Singh: Communications Skills Indian Youth Need

Indian entrepreneur Sushil Singh feels that despite there are millions of Indians who can communicate in a sound manner, there is a huge another side of the coin where several young talents do lack to deliver their take in the finest manner. Leaving students from IIT, IIM and other top educational institutions, there are millions of students in India who do know a lot but do not have basic communication skills that play major roles in their professional development.

“I do take a lot of interviews. Even many times, the graduates from IIT do face major battles to stage their ideas in a basic manner. It indeed shocks me as there are several classical schools that offer a quality base of Hindi, English and other languages, said Sushil Singh.

In India, English has indirectly become the corporate language. Despite people do communicate in their culture’s language, during meetings or interviews, English does play a major role. Hence, it has been a strong tool of communication. With knowing just one language, one can communicate with major cities around the world.

Any language can make an impact; however, one needs to put extra effort into making sure that they can bring confidence in their ability to talk and walk. In a way, it does create an impact. Skills do pay the bills. However, one needs more than skills for becoming ready for taking that ride of consistency in the professional career.

“I always make sure that a message should be sent about the importance of communication. As the internet can play a huge role in developing these skills, the only thing that is required is to build the confidence of a person.

“Time is always on our side when we study. So it is crucial to learn while studying. The very factor does bring fortunes in the future,” added Sushil.

It is crucial to add the power of communication in a professional’s arsenal for making sure that when an opportunity arrives, a person can take the very best ride of consistency and class.

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