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Taurus Aesthetic: Intelligent, Visionary, Creative, Pictures

Introduction: Taurus Aesthetic 

Taurus Aesthetic is an astrological sign in modern-day zodiac studies. The sign belongs to the element of earth and has a feminine or negative polarity. Venus along with Libra do rule this sign in a way. The constellation’s brightest star is Aldebaran which is the 14th brightest star in the sky, with a magnitude of 0.85. In astrology, Taurus has its representation in the bull which derives from the Greek character of Zeus who assumed the form of a bull to abduct Europa. Apart from the fact that Taurian has the trait of being masculine and untowardly in nature, it is also said that they have a feminine side that knows no boundaries of norms and cultures. 

What is the Taurus Aesthetic?

The Taurus Aesthetic speaks of dignity, regality, beauty, and practicality. It has a home in spirituality but is also followed by the feminine side of things. They have a rare quality of being a graceful and diligent labourer. They can be stubborn, bull-headed, and set in their own ways. Taurus are great listeners and very dependable. They are people who attain a state of stability in relationships in the coming time and are known for their loyalty and compassion. They can go on forever and that is one quality that is rare in a Taurus. In terms of their relationship with partners, they are loyal and take into consideration their partner’s desires and needs. A Taurian should marry an earth sign like Virgo or Capricorn for better compatibility and reliability. Virgos go best with Taurian as they are loyal and have passion for each other. Sometimes, Scorpios that are quite the opposite signs also attract Taurian as it is said that opposites also attract in a lifetime. It is said that Taurian enjoys routine and stability too. 

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What are the traits?

A Taurus enjoys routine and stability, enjoys extravagance and beauty, is grounded, stubborn, sensual, hot-tempered, resilient, hard-working, and also follow the rule of slow and steady wins the race. Other than these important personality traits, Taurian is also lovers of peace, they practice art, peace, and harmony. They wish to enjoy life to the fullest and associate Taurus with the kind of beauty that is found in the environment or earth itself. The mountains, trees, and natural sceneries are elements that this sign looks up to in life. As a fixed sign, Taurus falls in the middle of the season which symbolizes the stability that is essential in growth. 

Taurian is infamous for moving slowly but steadily which can sometimes lead them to be accused of laziness but the tortoise and hare story proves it otherwise and that is exactly the principle that they follow in life. In clear terms, Taurus is a sign that believes in routine and tends to gravitate towards comfort and goodness. This is exactly what this sign comprises of and it should be understood. 

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