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US9514961195221: Your package could not be delivered

You might have received a text message from USPS about failed delivery of your product or something else. In that message they may have claimed that you have entered the wrong address and because of that your delivery can’t done on time, so they ask you to change the address through the link which they provided in the message.

In that message they mention the tracking number us9514961195221 or another number similar to that. So you should be aware that the message is a scam. It not sent by the US postal service. So today we will talk about it, what is it, and how it works so keep reading it below:

Know about us9514961195221

us9514961195221 is a scam. It starts when you receive the message and assume that it is genuine and complete all the procedures and then you get trapped. So in starting you will receive a message on your phone and it will tell you that your delivery has postponed or failed because you entered the wrong address.

This message will look like it has come from the postal service of the United States or US Mail. They will add a random number in the message as tracking ID and a link which will direct you to a clone website of the US postal service. You will not be able to easily identify the originality of the website. 

How does Fake USPS Failed Delivery Text Scam Work?

In this scam you will get a message with tracking number us9514961195221 and link, once you have clicked on the link given in the message sent by the scammer you will be directed to a website which will look like the official website having the same logo and images. Later on the website will ask you to enter your address again then proceed for the fee payment of delivery.

This website will collect all your information and use them to sell on the dark web by the scammer. They can get your credit card details which they will use in future for doing more fraud. They may even ask you to call and then they proceed to get access to your device.


So, in the above article, we have talked about us9514961195221 that is a scam, in which the scammers Send a message to people’s phones or emails and claim that they are from the postal service of US, they advise people to click on the link to change the address so that they can receive the deliver and after making them belief they theft confidential information and sell them on the dark web others and they earn money from them. So you have to be aware of those scams.

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