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7 Benefits of Working with UCAAS in the IT Industry

UCAAS, or united communications as a service, is a cloud-based communication system that combines various modes of communication like email, text, voice, and video services. Along with conferencing and collaboration tools, UCAAS is an all-in-one communication system for businesses. Due to the pandemic and partly because of changing business dynamics, many businesses have increased their spending and reliance on UCAAS solutions. An effective UCAAS solution makes it easier for employees and stakeholders to collaborate and communicate seamlessly, regardless of time zones and locations. Since UCAAS is cloud-based, its service extends to multiple devices like computers, desk phones, and smartphones. UCAAS solutions are a merger between various communication channels, allowing organizations in various industries to seek benefits. Here are seven benefits of working with UCAAS in the IT industry. 


Being a cloud-based service, the primary advantage of using UCaaS is its cost-effectiveness. Cloud services are relatively less expensive than installing traditional hardware required for a phone system. Contrary to Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS), UCaaS is a standalone communications solution. It doesn’t require any software development or technical skills to operate. Switching to a UCaaS solution means you can cut costs by saving on maintenance, hardware, IT staff, licensing, and network costs. 

The UCaaS provider is responsible for hosting equipment and granting access, so you don’t need specialists to maintain and manage the system. In addition, its user-friendliness reduces the need to hire extra staff and rent accommodation, thus making it budget-friendly. With a management of technology degree, you can help your business organization leverage IT solutions for streamlining business operations. You only need a strong internet connection and a monthly fee for cloud services, including hosting, upgrades, and maintenance. Monthly fees for using UCaaS have per phone line or per-user rates, which is more cost-effective over time. 

Streamlines communication 

With an effective UCaaS solution, you don’t have to pay individually for audio and video conferencing services, online meeting applications, internal file transfer, on-premises telephones, or third-party softphone applications. Every IT business, whether small or large-scale, uses multiple communication tools and channels. Instead of subscribing to individual services, a UCaaS system consolidates task management and collaboration tools. Most business organizations in the IT industry have remote teams. With a cloud-based system, sharing files and conducting online meetings is easier. 

Since every team member connects through one channel, from the developer to the designer, it’s also easier to monitor project pipelines. Most UCaaS solutions have task tracking features, where you can easily monitor who is meeting deadlines and assess performance. If every department within your organization uses a different set of tools, silos are likely to develop. Collaboration between departments may become difficult, and productivity would get affected. However, a unified communication solution allows all departments and employees to collaborate seamlessly, saving time and communication lag.

Enhances remote working 

Even before the pandemic, IT professionals used hybrid working models. For example, if you are a developer or graphic designer, you need a few tech devices and an internet connection with good bandwidth. Therefore, it’s convenient for tech professionals or IT experts to work remotely. However, you still need a unified communication system for collaborating with your team for task monitoring and file sharing. A UCaaS system makes that possible. One platform enables you to connect over voice and video calls, messages, screen-sharing, and emailing. There’s no need for additional applications or software when a UCaaS solution consolidates all communication channels. 

In addition, legacy phone systems are unsuitable for remote or hybrid working, mainly if your team members are in different parts of the world. Cross-border communication is not only expensive, but it also increases lag and reduces productivity. With UCaaS-compatible devices, you can save necessary user information and manage your team effectively.

Integrates applications and tools

Although most UCaaS solutions have various collaboration and communication tools, you can also integrate other applications. The key to effective business communication is streamlined and seamless operating systems. For example, with a UCaaS system, you can integrate customer relationship management (CRM) software, customer support services, and a database management system.

Not only does this increase efficiency and organizational productivity, but it reduces the time required for switching between applications and sharing media. In addition, most UCaaS solutions allow you to integrate with cloud-based storage services like Google Drive, CRM software like Salesforce, and even internet protocol (IP) phones. 

Less waste

The IT industry has been under the radar for its increasing carbon footprint and negative environmental impact. To promote sustainability, many business organizations have shifted from isolated hardware to cloud-based software solutions that help reduce business expenses and energy costs. Cloud-based systems require less hardware and consume relatively less power, thereby leveraging businesses to benefit from economies of scale and minimize environmental impact. In addition, since UCaaS systems are centrally managed, they require less management, reducing the need to build additional offices, and cutting down on business costs and environmental waste.

Useful call analytics

A UCaaS solution provides useful call analytics like the speed of response, handle times, and call abandonment, among others. Unified communication systems allow access to improve your real-time business communication and collaboration with data and analytics. Instead of manually recording and analyzing data in database management software like Excel, UCaaS solutions offer integrations and analytics within the platform to elevate team performance and increase sales.

Call analytics also help redefine business marketing campaigns, set conversation rates, and determine the optimal time to run sponsored posts and online ads. Where previously businesses required a database manager proficient in SQL and Excel to maintain and analyze data, now UCaaS solutions have improved business performance and customer experience.

Secure communication

As every business organization deals with relaying sensitive information, security is a considerable concern when communicating effectively. The increase in remote working has also made endpoint security and the need for encrypted communication a massive concern for business performance and continuity. The cost of standing back on your feet after a data breach or cyber-attack may put businesses at the risk of bankruptcy. In addition, while your current business communication channel may seem secure, there is a high chance of unauthorized users eavesdropping or spying on your sensitive data or communication. 

With a cloud-based system equipped with defensive security, UCaaS solutions offer encrypted communication channels so you can easily and safely relay information and share media. In addition, the VoIP system’s call recording feature allows you to answer calls securely whenever you want. 


Although the IT industry already employed unified communication channels, the pandemic forced other business organizations to follow suit. In addition, legacy phone systems pose significant health risks, are expensive, and are unsuitable for remote work. Unified communication is a great cost-effective and efficient alternative to legacy phone systems and is more secure.

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