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Important Notice For Kenyan Government Employees


The system of Kenya payslips is developed and governed by the government of Kenya. It tends to streamline processes for employees by allowing them to track monthly salaries more efficiently. And besides the typical payslips, staff can have access to information on deductions and allowances at a go. Overall, the portal is an impressive development and acts like an all-rounder.  

How Kenya Payslip Works

Kenya Payslip system is strategically designed to help government employees access payslips, salary and deduction details. All of these details can be downloaded from the official web-based platform and by logging into respective accounts. And thanks to its intuitive design, using the portal is as easy as a pie. All one has to do is connect to the internet, access the portal, enter details, and log in. 

Getting Started With Kenya Payslip 

  • Open your favourite search engine and reach the official web address of uhr.kenya.go.ke payslip login
  • As you find the homepage, look for the Register tab. 
  • Put forth all the data, such as name, national ID number, and more. 
  • Type in your new username along with a strong password. 
  • Verify your mobile number and submit to successfully create an account. 
  • Then, use these newly formed credentials each time you want to access payslips and other income details. 

Portal Features

  • Convenience: The portal screams convenience, especially since it consists of personal information and can be viewed wherever and whenever. 
  • Payslip History: As a government employee, you can access salary details and payslips for all months that you were employed for.  
  • Online Leave Application: Employees associated also receive flexibility and an option to submit leave applications directly through the portal. 
  • Alert Notifications: You can moreover turn on alerts and receive important notices on the go. 

Key Takeaways

  • It is a systematic online space by the Kenyan government, using which one can download pay stubs for any month. 
  • Payslips are now entirely generated through automated systems and have lessened the administrative workload to a great extent. 
  • The primary objective of Uhr.kenya.go.ke is to ease the process of payslip distribution by automating things and generating salary receipts using the available information. 
  • Employees will have to download each payslip to access their salary details. 
  • If you need payslip in the form of paper, simply download the PDF file and print it out. 
  • You can also change or recover your password easily without logging in, i.e. via the forgot password feature. 
  • Employees are advised to report portal issues to their HR department.


In conclusion, Kenya payslips leverages cutting-edge technology to streamline business tasks, particularly the process of payslip generation. This system is perhaps a revolutionizing tool, which cuts down on the usage of paper. In short, it promotes both convenience and reduces the environmental impact. 

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