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A guide to bike accessories

Accessories are an integral part of almost everything. Be it home decor or jewellery, and everything needs some decor to make it look pleasing. With the update in lifestyle, motorcycle accessories are gaining popularity these days. A helmet is not the only accessory for a motorcycle. There are many more depending upon the size and type of the bike.

There are different categories of motorcycle accessories based on performance, comfort, style, and safety. Below are the most famous and highly recommended accessories that every rider must have. 

i) Motorcycle intercoms- Communication is made easier with this spectacular invention. It makes it very helpful to communicate and coordinate if one is planning on riding with a group. It provides a hands-free call service with the motorcycle Bluetooth intercom and voice reply to text messages. It helps in better navigation and hence prevents you from getting lost. Listening to your favourite music or radio is made possible with such intercoms. The technology used here is a high-frequency membrane monomer to provide compatibility. They can easily be removed and installed in different helmets. 

ii) GPS navigator- Exploring new lands often leads to confusion, especially if travelling solo. It is an excellent investment option as it shows the right direction to the destination. It can also be connected to the intercom for voice directions. They are better than the GPS in smartphones as they show the right directions even in remote areas, and one does not have to hold the device while driving. It can be installed on the head of the bike.

iii) Multi-tool kit- A tool kit that is not big and heavy and suitable to perform basic repairs that might be caused during a trip is a perfect tool kit that every biker needs. The ideal size of the tool kit should be as big as the space available under the seat. It should primarily contain pilers, tie-wraps, tape, T-bars, wires, screws, and screwdrivers. 

iv) Brake helmet light- The brake indicator is not appropriately seen during evenings. This can cause danger to the rider and the person driving behind them. When there is heavy traffic, it becomes difficult for the drivers to observe the brake lights. Installing them on your helmet provides style and alerts the people behind them. This enhances safety for everyone.

v) Camera- Many vloggers and influencers that go on solo trips record the beautiful landscapes using a camera attached to the helmet. It moves in the bike’s direction and records the picturesque view of every valley, plateau, and mountain covered. One does not need a partner to document their beautiful journey. The camera does the job. 

vi) Ear protection- The air pressure decreases when one is travelling in mountains. It causes ear pain and damage to the outermost covering. Installing small ear protection devices inside your helmet protects the rider from outdoor noises, dust, and reduced air pressure. 

vii) Tire pressure monitor- It is crucial to monitor the tire pressure, especially if one plans to travel long distances. Rocky mountains, drenched roads, and deserts damage the bike’s tires. If the air pressure is not adjusted correctly, it might puncture or damage the tires. 

Why is the helmet the most critical among motorcycle accessories?

Wearing a helmet is very important as it protects the most vulnerable part of the body, the brain, against accidents. Any body part that is damaged heals quickly, but once the damage is caused to the brain, there can be many negative consequences, like memory loss. Therefore it is recommended for both the people riding a bike to wear a helmet, especially when travelling long distances. Helmets are available in different models and sizes to make the person wearing them look stylish. 

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