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Hair Thinning: Causes and How You Can Handle Them

The American Academy of Dermatology specifies that losing fifty to a hundred hairs a day happens to every individual. However, shedding more hair than the specified count may result in hair thinning. Harsh hair treatments, lifestyle habits and genetics cause the problem. Handling hair thinning has various ways, from chemicals to tape in extensions and wigs. So, if you are worried about hair thinning and feel helpless in ceasing excessive hair fall, remember that you are not alone. 

Perfectly voluminous hair enhances vitality and youth, but many individuals are dealing with several strands that shed throughout the day. Besides, most women experience hair thinning, and several studies support this statement. Though hair thinning is natural, today’s culture creates insecurities and deteriorates a person’s confidence. So if the falling hair is bothering you, consider using the best available options.

The Primary Causes Behind Worrisome Thinning Hair

From lifestyle habits to genetics and specific health conditions, every individual deal with their own reason for thinning hair. And when it comes to lifestyle habits, overtreatment, harsh hair product usage, tight hairstyles, low nutrient consumption, and chronic stress can cause thinning hair. Moreover, people who recently had a baby, undergo hormonal changes, or deal with immune system deficiencies may deal with the same problem.

Besides all these, stress is one crucial factor that can cause excessive hair fall. And alleviating stress can help individuals to control hair thinning in the long run. First, try to stay away from the phone for some and reading a book might help. Nutritional deficiency is yet another crucial cause, so you can improve your cooking skills and prepare healthy foods to elevate your health or mood. Besides this, you may live in a less stressful environment.

Ways to Hide Thinning Hair

Cutting your hair may not reduce the problem, but it certainly reduces its appearance. Long hair with less volume may look straight, and there will be no layers. And when it comes to short haircuts, the textures and layers can effortlessly boost your hair’s volume and creates an illusion of thicker hair.

The market is filled with volumising products that can enhance your locks well. All you have to do is, apply the spray or products to the roots and wait for the appearance of voluminous hair. The products can withstand throughout the day, so you don’t have to worry about the locks after styling with these products.

You can also colour the strands, which is one of the tricks individuals use to deal with thinning hair. You can also go for highlights or lowlights to add dimension. For instance, people with light scalps and dark hair can opt for light highlights.

Extensions Are the Practical Solution

If you have thin strands, go for tape in hair extensions to help you achieve thick hair effortlessly. It might be difficult for individuals to blend extensions with natural hair. However, investing in quality products can save the day. 

The clip-in extensions may be challenging to use as it necessitates individuals to poke out the clips frequently. People with thin hair will find it challenging to use such products. But, the tape-in extensions are cost-effective and easy to use, ensuring voluminous hair for every individual. So, the first and foremost step in fixing hair extensions is finding the best product available. And you will find products in various lengths and volumes from which you can pick one to transform your hair without causing any issues.

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