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Helena Seger Wife of Ibrahimovic The Star Footballer

Helena Seger and Zlatan Ibrahimovic have been recently catching media attention via their love angle. Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a worldwide known footballer, who fell in love with Helena.  Helena is native a of Sweden, as she was born in Lindesberg on the 25th of August, 1970. Much like Zlatan, Helena Seger has had her life struggles and a successful professional career, and she commenced her career as young as 13 years old. Let’s take a deep down to know more about Helena Seger and what is she currently doing in life: 

Helena Seger Biography

Helena Seger was born as the eldest daughter of Margareta Seger and Inhemar Seger. She is the eldest of her siblings, Karin (younger sister) and Henrik (younger brother). Helena began working only when she was 13, so most people look up to her as a very smart and intelligent woman. She is multi-talented and has picked several work fields to make money, including a business of her own. 

What Does Helena Look Like? 

As a model, Helena had the perfect body measurements and a gorgeous face. She’s somewhat petite, having a height of 5’5 ft and a 52 kg body weight. 

Family Tree Of Helena Seger 

The couple had a heated discussion about why Seger and Zlatan should move to Italy, but it also happened that the family was also about to move back to the US like Victoria and David Beckham. However, Helena Seger currently resides in Paris with her hubby, their pet bulldog, and two children. The couple is also known for much of their interests in real estate dealings, buying properties and doing a lavish makeovers afterward

Early Life & Education Of Helena Seger

On the 25th of August, 1970, Helena was born into the world by Ingemar Seger andargareta Seger in Lindesberg, Sweden. Given her birthday, she follows the horoscope Virgo and Virgo people are known for their patience, faithfulness, and sense of responsibility. 

Where Helena studied as a school student is not known to the public, however, she did pursue a degree in Economics to further pursue Pattern Design and Fabric Embroidery. Once again, Helena has not revealed her exact college name. 

What Does Helena Do For A Living?

Apart from her career as a model, Helena Seger is a businesswoman. She first began modeling when she was only 13 in a Swedish company Gul & Bla. She has also worked with companies like Diesel, Replay, Rabbit, and JC and was a sales representative for Bonner.

Apart from the regular job she attended during normal work hours, she also took the job of a bartender. She was doing all this alongside her career in modeling. And finally, in 1998, her new roles scripted in the Swedish Match and Austria Tabak. During her end of the working days, she seen in the marketing and management team for Flyme and Malcolm.

Personal Life Of Helena Seger

The love story of Helena Seger and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had an onset in 2002, almost two decades ago when both bumped into each other at a car park in Malmo. At the time, Helena driving a Mercedes, and Zlatan seen parking his Ferrari. The initial meeting unplanned and not pleasant at all since Helena was in a bad mood that same day. 

However, both worked out their friendship to soon turn out to be more than friends. Zlatan has also inscribed one tattoo out of nine in himself, dedicating Helena. Their love for each other is immense and both are now parents to two children as well. Nevertheless, both unmarried and have no plans to married despite years of togetherness and two kids. 

Awards And Achievements Of Helena

Without a doubt, Helena is a talented lady and has built a distinct life for herself. However, she’s known to be the infamous girlfriend of Zlatan Ibrahimovic more than she is for being a model/businesswoman. As a model, she was very gorgeous and has worked with several high-end designers, too. 

Social Media Account Of Helena Seger

Helena Seger lived a great career. Regardless, she’s rarely seen in public and nowhere to be found on social media networks. 

Helena Seger Net Worth

Helena’s hard work has paid off as she’s a millionaire today, with a net worth of about $130 million


Helena Seger changed her place of work a lot of times. She has to be a super-talented person to be able to do so and make someone like Ibrahimovic fall in love with her. She’s the perfect mother and responsible for most successes in Ibrahimovic’s life.  

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