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Standing Desks: Be Productive and Fit

Although standing desks have been around for some time, they are now experiencing a surge in popularity as more people learn about the health benefits of working while standing. With the correct tools, you may easily stand for long periods (four hours or more each day) at work without negatively affecting your health or physique. A sit-stand workstation, also known as a standing desk, is a popular office furniture that allows users to switch between sitting and standing during the workday quickly. It allows you to quickly and easily alter the height of the work surface and comes with a swivelling chair that can be easily pushed out of the way when you’re standing. And there are several advantages to using this technology in the workplace:

Eliminate Back Ache

Eighty per cent of individuals will suffer back pain at some point in their lives, and it is a common complaint among those who are required to sit for long periods at their jobs.

The effects of standing desks on office employees with chronic back pain have been the subject of several research efforts. Those who spent an average of 66 minutes per day standing at work reported 54% less upper back and neck pain, according to 2011 research from the “Take-a-Stand Project”1.

The “Take-a-Stand Project” participants saw significant changes when they used the desk for a little over an hour daily. Now, think about all the benefits you’d reap by standing up!

Reduce Your Chances of Getting Heart Disease

The advantages of standing have been studied for almost 60 years by scientists. In 1953, researchers found that bus conductors who stood all day had half the risk of mortality from heart disease as seated bus drivers.

Sixty years later, a meta-analysis of 18 research involving over 800,000 people found the same results as the 1950s study on bus drivers. According to their research, a sedentary lifestyle increases one’s risk of cardiovascular mortality by 90% and cardiovascular events by 147% compared to an active one. Therefore, it can be safely said that investing money on this useful office furniture is a good thing to do. 

Reduce Your Chances of Gaining Weight and Becoming Obese

Standing desk users should expect to burn an extra 750 calories each week.

As a whole, people understand that excess calorie intake leads to weight increase. A large percentage (over 44%) of office workers report gaining weight since starting their current position, with 53% attributing the increase to long periods of sitting. So, imagine you could burn calories without sacrificing productivity. Standing burns roughly 50 more calories every hour than sitting, which can help minimise the risk of weight gain. Standing for three hours a day at work would burn 750 calories weekly. That’s enough energy to shed around eight extra pounds of fat over a year, or about 30,000 calories. And to burn off the extra thirty thousand calories, you would need to run ten marathons yearly.

Reduced Risk of Type 2 Diabetes and Lower Blood Sugar Levels

While it’s normal for blood sugar levels to rise after eating, those who experience sharp increases are at far greater risk of developing diabetes. Increases in blood sugar have also been associated with feeling unwell.

Further research, including 23 overweight office employees, indicated that by standing for some time every 30 minutes, blood sugar rises were lowered by an average of 11.1%. Recent research has revealed that utilising a standing desk can help lower blood sugar levels and prevent diabetes without additional effort. Also, during the experiment, participants’ eating habits and levels of exercise were tracked.

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