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7 Reasons You Need CBD in Your Life

Cannabidiol or better known as CBD is used for many common ailments. Extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant, it has had major development and changes in the way it’s consumed that’s led to an industry boom. Many people have claimed it has helped them mitigate the onslaught of symptoms from different medical issues and has made their lives better. Here are some reasons you need CBD in your life!

  1. It’s Safe & Beneficial to Use

Not only is CBD legal in all 50 states, but it’s also completely safe to use. When you consume anything, it’s critical to ask if it’s safe to do so. According to a report by World Health Organization, CBD is a ‘well-tolerated’ substance meaning it’s safe to consume. Side effects are also rare, and even those with THC have a low concentration. 

  1. It Keeps You Balanced

We use the word balance pretty often in our lives, whether it’s to talk about a physical state, a mental state, or even an emotional one. It’s important to frankly stay sane and functioning in this society. But what does CBD do that keeps your body balanced?

CBD alters the shape and behavior of your endocannabinoid system receptors. The receptors change the way they react to cannabinoids. But that’s not all. CBD also helps change other receptors in the body that help improve emotional and physical health. 

  1. It Helps Reduce Stress & Anxiety

CBD fights a war with two major problems plaguing millions of people: Stress and anxiety. According to research, there is a calming effect on the brain due to the use of CBD. This helps ease stress and reduces anxiety. Nearly 40 million Americans are dealing with anxiety every day. CBD is a natural alternative to medication in dealing with anxiety. It has also helped people who have OCD and PTSD.

CBD reduces stress significantly and offers mood support. One is by connecting with endocannabinoid system receptors, and the other binds with mood pathways. CBD activates serotonin, responsible for controlling and reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. A burst of serotonin in the body also helps reduce stress. 

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  1. It Gets Rid of Aches

It can reduce the pain that has been linked to inflammation. CBD is a popular remedy among those suffering from chronic pain. It’s also can help reduce the symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia, and rheumatic pain. Also, unlike medication, CBD has minimal side effects to be used without the same worry that medicines create.

It’s common to feel tension or soreness in the body after exercises. CBD’s ability to reduce localized chronic pain also helps in reducing the tension and soreness from exercise. Substances like CBD oil are also safe to take every day and keep aches at bay. It also comes in cream form, which works by triggering the body’s pain relief response. In addition, taking it orally (in pill form or through oil) offers a general relief to the body as well.

  1. It Improves Sleep

According to the American Sleep Association, several studies have pointed out that CBD improves sleep. This doesn’t just extend to how long you sleep but also the quality of sleep too. When we sleep better, we’re more productive, focused, and energetic, plus we can have mental clarity. 

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  1. It Can Be Incorporated in Food

CBD doesn’t just come in vapes and gummies. It can also be both THC-free and with a small concentration of THC. It’s very popular in oil form as well. You can put CBD oil drops on your tongue and hold it for 2 seconds or use it on food. It can be used as a salad dressing or can be added to smoothies.

  1. It’s Used in Natural Skincare

There is a research study proving the therapeutic effect of cannabidiol on skin. The study has also found CBD to be a potential treatment for acne vulgaris.CBD topicals have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Although more research is needed, evidence indicates that CBD is beneficial for healing topical irritations. That’s why many companies have already started using it in their products.

  1. A ‘Natural’ Treatment

If you ask the FDA and pharmaceutical researchers, they’ll show skepticism at a natural treatment but also push strong and addictive medications. The opioid epidemic is constantly fueled by the medical industry, while the potential of CBD is either cast aside or completely disregarded. 

Studies are still few in CBD to conclude that it can replace medicines; however, there’s evidence indicating that it has helped people with seizures. The few studies we have on CBD as a medical treatment have yielded positive results, and it seems to be a safer alternative to potentially dangerous medicines.

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CBD is not the miracle drug some people claim to be, but it’s also not the devil in disguise as others think it to be. After the legalization of CBD in all 50 states, more products have been introduced by the CBD and Marijuana industry. Research has also increased significantly in its uses and benefits that have yielded positive conclusions.

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About the Author

The author is a former writer of a major lifestyle magazine and a self-proclaimed researcher and myth buster. Like many others, she was skeptical about the uses and benefits of CBD but after a few times using it, she’s hooked and loves trying it in different ways.

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