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Aquarius Aesthetic: Water, Creative, Humble, Pictures

Aquarius Aesthetic: Inro

Aquarius is an air sign, unlike the common presumptions of it being a water sign which is by far the most ubiquitous and innocuous mistakes made in modern method of astrology. Of all zodiac signs, if one talks about the Aquarius sign, it is given that people born out of this are innovative, rebellious, humanitarian and most importantly, progressive and have macro-perspective towards things in common. The one born of this sign has an aesthetic that cannot be found usually, and is in fact rare and unusual. The people who hold the Aquarius Aesthetic are born to change the larger domain through their wisdom and rebellion. There is also in fact a sensitive side to those born Aquarius as they consume the love, support, and appreciative that the world has for them.

While Aquarius is often found planting a revolution or proudly flaunting their funky fashion sense, they also have something that sets them apart and that is sensitivity for the environment and the world around them.

Traits of the Aquarius Aesthetic

  • Of course, air energy mostly derives from the mind so, it is given that intellect is a trait that the Aquarius holds onto till eternity. The aesthetic of mind can also be known as Aquarius Aesthetic. They can be visualized as larger than life and can have a bigger meaning towards things that are uncommon and have a different outlook. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer mystical healer who bestows water upon the land, meaning someone who gives life to land for it to exist independently and makes equipped of resources.
  • Aquarius is also a sign of hope on earth. Therefore, the Aquarius Aesthetic exposes its deep connection to community, one that is deeply rooted in the land. Rooted in teamwork and collaboration, the concept of the Aquarius Aesthetic presents a picture of purity, freedom, and independence, something that is not found usually.
  • Ruled by Uranus, Aquarius is a planet that governs innovation, technology and surprising events, it is perfectly mirrored as something that is extraordinary and flawless. Aquarians should understand that progress cannot start at a macro-level and that there should always be an understanding of the micro-level.
  • The sign does not entertain feelings of isolation but consider detachment as a part of their growth process which further forms an aspect of self-sufficiency. They hate small-talk, gossip, and do not believe in those who please for profit.

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Aquarius Aesthetics is not that is found commonly on ground. It is something that includes innovation and assertion. Aquarius is a sign that inspires to move the needle through radical social progress so if they are disinterested, it isn’t they who are making thing happen this way but it is the community t large that makes this group distant as they hate feelings of envy or gossip.

Moreover, the Aquarius Aesthetic is symbolic of rebellion and so, they have an intellectual connection with fellow air signs like Gemini or Libra. On a fundamental level, Aquarius believes in ‘We’ more that ‘I’.

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