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Baggy Aesthetic All You Need To Know About Fashion

Introduction: Baggy Aesthetic

The year 2021 and 22 have seen a sudden surge in forgotten trends from the past. Trends like Y2K fashion, 90s trend, soft girl aesthetic, and among all these was our Baggy fashion trend. A trend is very important in fashion to break the monotony and thus fashion creators and curators bring back trends popular in the past by adding some tweaks to them. The very aesthetic has always been a hit, you don’t know it but you love it and must have worn something like this at least once.

Baggy Aesthetic 101:

This trend is very versatile, you can try various garments that are oversized. It is universal, as in anybody and I mean absolutely anybody can rock this look. This trend is like “A Darkhorse” in the fashion industry as it silently made its entry and soon became everyone`s favorite. For a fact, you all must have worn baggy sweaters and jeans in the last season and must own multiple outfits like these. Oversized and baggy clothes are so much in trend that in every nook and corner, you will spot someone wearing something oversized. Everybody has experimented with this silhouette from big brands to small brands to luxury designers. A baggy aesthetic gives you a very comfy, cute, and chic look. It makes you look cuddly like a bear. 

Old school baggy or Gen z baggy aesthetic:

Well you know that this trend is not something new, it was extremely popular back in the late 90s and early 2000s. The revamped baggy aesthetic has made a comeback since the wave of early fashion revival. Not to mention, this trend is much in vogue for this season too. Let`s compare the old and new versions of the oversized trend shall we? So, back in the days, this so-called “Baggy trend” became popular because of pop culture and retro. Indeed people in the 90s and 2000s were truly a style inspiration, their looks were something to look out for. In pop culture, the trend of oversized jackets and baggy pants was prominent.

You must have seen in many music videos, singers and rappers wearing saggy pants below the waistline. This style got so popular that it became a street style and a regular for many. However, the baggy trend is much more versatile, gender-fluid, and has many options. Until last year we got to see many oversized styles like baggy sweaters and baggy sweater vests, baggy sweatshirts (commonly known as boyfriend fit), oversized shirts, and t-shirts. Baggy jeans, wide leg, mom jeans, boyfriend jeans all of these were widely worn throughout the season. For formal wear, oversize coats and pants were extremely famous. 

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Where to buy it?

 If you don`t already own a baggy piece of clothing then this is your sign to try it. 2022 is going to be flooded with voluminous silhouettes, so keep an eye on the new collections of fast-fashion stores like Zara and H&M and many luxury stores like Balenciaga, Gucci, etc.

You can also try online sites like Shein and Urbanic.

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