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Best White Noise Apps To Keep You Focused And Undistracted

In recent times, ambient apps have gained massive popularity because they provide a steady level of background noise. These sounds are quite comforting, especially if you have been locked up in your room all day long to study for a difficult test or have spent hours in front of the laptop, finalizing the end of your presentation. These background sounds or white noise, as they are more popularly known, give a touch of warmth to the environment that may have one person only.

This is why coffee shop sounds or ambient music of Mother Nature is looked forward to as it makes us feel, we are surrounded by our community. These sounds add a moderate level of hum to your background, that may have been eerily quiet for long. While these sounds are mostly non-intrusive, these can indeed help our focus and our mental health altogether.

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Best White Noise Apps To Keep You Focused And Undistracted

We listed some of the best white noise apps that help you keep focused and undistracted:

If you are looking for an app that will help to make your surroundings peaceful and serene, then this is the right app for you! This app is all about improving your focus so that your productivity levels are enhanced. The app consists of a total of sixteen beautiful sounds, with ten sounds picked up from Nature, while the remaining include four kinds of noise, such as pink, white, and brown noise with a fan. The remaining two sounds are that of a train and a coffee shop that will fill you with a familiar warmth, found among the homey-ness of trains that go along familiar routes or in coffee shops, that hold memories of our favorite coffee with our favorite people.

The app has a simple user-friendly interface and also consists of a minimal text editor feature that users can use for jotting down simple everyday tasks. What makes Noisli stand out from other apps is that users can mix two or more sounds to make their own unique white that helps them to stay undistracted and maintains their focus. These combos can also be saved, so you can use them later. Being a free app, Noisli is quite popular and can easily be found on the web, on Android, and IOS. While the web version and the chrome version are free, users will have to pay $1.99 to make a single purchase.


If you are looking for an app, that helps you accomplish several personal goals besides improving focus, then Brain.FM is the right app to download. The app ensures that the user makes time to relax, meditate, recharge, and sleep while the app facilitates him in all such personal endeavors. While the essential function of the app is to play AI-generated music, that aids in clearer focus, serene meditation flow, and a night of undisturbed sleep; additional sounds have also been added to this app. These ambient sound profiles include beach, forest, night sounds, to name a few.

Overall, the interface of the app is simple and makes navigation easier for the user. This is a powerful app, that’s backed by exceptional scientific research and will help you find the right sound to enhance your overall levels of efficiency and productivity. This mobile app has five free sessions, whereas the subscriptions cost $47.40 per year. If the user is interested in paying on a three-month basis, then all they have to pay is $15.99. However, for users, who are interested in monthly payments, all they have to pay is $6.95 each month. This app can easily be found online on IOS and Android stores.

This app is everywhere and for good reason too! Ironically, this app seems to be everywhere, from well-known TV advertisements to spas, and even major airports of the world. This app helps you to relax and sleep while elevating the level of peace and serenity with its high sound quality. The fantastic range of meditations and relaxation content available on the app makes it a very popular and successful sound tech in the world today! There is an extensive selection of music that includes waves, oscillating fans, crickets, pink noise, thunderstorms, city streets, and even mundane acts of daily life such as washing machines, etc. This app is easily available on IOS, Android, and can even be used on your laptop. However, users will have to pay an annual subscription after a free trial of seven days.

The Bottom Line…

At the end of the day, these apps are great for they enable the user to become relaxed with themselves and help to ease out all that stress. However, always check if these apps need steady connectivity to work on. Nonetheless, if your present internet bundle makes you suffer because of its sluggish connection, we recommend that you upgrade your service. Simply visit buytvinternetphone, where you will find countless internet bundles that offer some of the best in the region. Select an ISP that has an affordable service and offers exceptional connection so you never have to worry about a glitch service again!

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