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Full Face Respirators: All You Need to Know

Respirators are common in several industries, and some use them for different purposes and places. For example, some use it for work where there could be dangerous gases, some use it in traffic as they have breathing problems, and some even use it to exercise efficiently. So yes, people have been using Full Face Respirator equipment for years. 

The numbers are still high if you look at the data on deaths because of respiratory diseases before the pandemic (before and after the pandemic). Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is the 3rd leading cause of death worldwide. COPD killed around 3.23 million people in 2019 itself.

Are you thinking of buying one of these masks for yourself and your family? But, do you know whether you need it or not? Are you aware of the benefits of wearing this face respirator? Are these masks used for both domestic and onsite purposes?

If you have doubts about the points mentioned above, you must read the rest of this article, and when you finish this piece, you will understand the importance of this face respirator and its benefits. However, before rushing to the advantages of this equipment, you need to understand the basics of this respirator mask.

First, you need to understand what a Full Face Respirator is.

This equipment will protect you from inhaling harmful gases, vapours, and fumes. This respirator protects the face and the eyes and later filters out contaminants. Some filters inside the respirator should be changed frequently; apart from that, there’s no requirement for maintenance, and it is effortless to wear and use.

You can choose different variants of respirators according to their use. People who work in contaminated zones, underground, excavations, and chemical factories require this special respirator mask.

Now that you know why people use this respirator mask, you should also know when and where you should use these respirators. You might be thinking, why can’t you use a face mask all the time or other expensive face masks that cover only your mouth. Many think wearing a face mask is enough, but whether it’s a virus or you are in a contaminated zone with harmful gases, you should wear a full-face respirator to protect your health. This is the best way you could ensure your safety. 

When should you use it?

The full-face mask is excellent for protecting your face from harmful gases. It covers not just your mouth or eyes; it covers your entire face and seals it when you work in a field/worksite where there’s a risk of inhaling or ingesting harmful substances.

  • This equipment can protect your face, nose, and ears. You don’t have to be careful about anything when you have full coverage. 
  • You can use this equipment with protective equipment such as a face shield and ear muffs. So, you can work in factories with noise and bright lights/flash.
  • This respirator mask is best for people who do tasks like painting, pesticide usage, chemical mixing in factories, drilling/welding, and similar works. When you have this mask, nothing can harm your face, eyes, ears, etc.
  • This mask protects the sensitive membranes of your nose, eyes, throat, and mouth.

These are the jobs/situations where you must use a Full Face Respirator. There are some alternatives for this equipment, but none work as well as this respirator mask. These points prove that a full-face mask/respirator is the best choice for every dangerous situation/job.

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