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6 Possible Causes for Watery Eyes!

Watery eyes are not the same as crying. It happens when your eyes tear up due to an unknown reason. Eyes constantly produce tears to moisten your eyes and remove any foreign objects in the eyes. Extra water flowing from the tear ducts can be due to overproduction of tears or when your eyes have a problem with draining tears. This condition is called epiphora. Apart from this, there are other reasons why eyes may become watery. In most cases, watery eyes get better themselves. If it becomes painful or disrupts your daily life, you should consult the Best Eye Specialist in Karachi to get treatment. 

Why are my eyes watery? 

Many factors can lead to watering eyes. If your tears ducts are functioning well, excess water in the eye can also be a symptom of eye disease. Here are some possible reasons why your eyes are teary.

Blocked tear ducts

Tear ducts may narrow due to infections, eye illnesses, or age. They are responsible for absorbing the tears. Obstructed tear ducts can cause tears to build up and cause watery eyes. The accumulation of water can increase the risk of infection. Tears becoming thick can be an early sign of an eye infection.

Foreign object in the eye 

Be it dust, smoke, or an eyelash getting anything in the eye can damage it. The eyes produce more tears to cleanse eyes of any impurities. Dust particles can irritate the eyes are make them watery. External factors may induce water in the eyes, such as pollution.

Seasonal Allergy

Allergies can get worse during some seasons, such as spring. An allergy can have symptoms, including a runny nose and cough. It can also affect the eye, leading to entering and inflammation of the eyes. Remove any allergens that can trigger the allergy, such as pollen or pet pander. Washing your eyes thoroughly every day can help your eyes get rid of invisible dust particles in your eyes. Over-the-counter (OTC) eye drops can help but if it does not work, book an appointment with an Eye Specialist in Rawalpindi for further evaluation.

Irritants and pollution

Smoke and other aerosol sprays can hurt your eyes, especially in a closed room. Air pollution is hard to avoid, but it can irritate the eyes. Dust in the air can get in the eye and hinder your ability to see. Avoid areas where there is more pollution. Clean your eyes with a saline solution to make them better. Wear protective goggles when you fumigate at your house.


Pinkeye, also known as conjunctivitis, is an eye infection that causes inflammation in the membrane around your eyelid and eyeball. Along with redness, itching, blurry vision, and watery eyes is also a symptom of pinkeye. It can be viral or bacterial. A viral infection usually goes away on its own, but you may need to visit a doctor if it is bacterial.

Scratch on the eye

Poking a fingernail or any other sharp object, even by mistake, can cause a tear in the cornea. Dirt particles can also accumulate under your eyelid and scrape the eye. Scratch on the cornea is painful and can make your eyes watery too. 

What should you do when your eyes get watery?

Washing your eye with a saline solution can help remove any dirt in the eye. If your eyes are becoming watery due to an external object, such as onions, removing it or stepping away from it may help. Many medical conditions can cause your eyes to become watery. If you are not sure about the cause of watering eyes, consult a professional who can help you with diagnosis and treatment.

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