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HEIDI D’AMELIO Bio, Age, Life, Wiki, Career

  • Heidi D’Amelio – celebrity mother of TikTok stars
  • Celebrity daughters – Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio
  • Heidi – huge fan following
  • Heidi – social media influencer

Heidi D’Amelio is a celebrity mother of TikTok USA’s fastest growing influencer Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’Amelio, another celebrity TikToker in the United States. She has a huge following due to her fitness, beauty and social media interaction which makes her one of the coolest mothers in this generation. Let us know more details about Heidi in brief. Her age is 50 years.

Heidi D’amelio Early Life and Bio

  • Heidi – born – 4th January, 1972
  • Parents – Rich Christian community
  • No info of parents
  • Education – California based University
  • No info of childhood

Heidi comes from a rich Christian family settled in Louisiana, United States. She was born on 4th January, 1972 and is American by nationality. There is not much information available about her parents and their background except the fact of her parents being Rich business oriented people. There is not much information about her childhood, except the details that she graduated from a California based University. As soon as the information is available it will be updated here soon.

Heidi D’amelio Physical Appearance

  • Heidi – fittest personalities in US
  • 50 years old yet beautiful & well shaped
  • Height – 5 ft 7 inches
  • Beautiful fair skin tone
  • Measurements – 31-27-31
  • Black long hair
  • Brown eyes

Heidi is considered to be one of the most fittest personalities in the Social media community as the 50 year old is well known for her fitness, physique and beautiful shape. Heidi has beautiful fair skin with black hair and brown eyes which just pleases everyone in the media. She is a 5 ft 7 inches tall attractive woman with excellent measurements of 31-27-31 inches. She is always seen in her social media accounts especially Instagram doing a lot of gym and workouts throughout the day which keeps her in shape.

Heidi D’amelio Personal Life

  • No info of relationships
  • No info of childhood
  • She marriage – 2000
  • Heidi husband -Marc D’Amelio – Businessman, Politician, Entrepreneur
  • Heidi daughters – Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio – TikTok celebrities
  • TikTok videos with Daughters

Heidi D’Amelio is the celebrity mother of TikTok USA latest sensations, Charli D’Amelio and Dixie D’amelio. Heidi has gained a lot of attention as she is seen with her two daughters and doing various forms of dance, steps and other TikTokcontent with them. She married Marc D’Amelio in 2000. They both still share a beautiful bond and have great understanding till now. There is not much information available about her previous relations or her teenage days as she got into limelight recently and has not revealed any of them till now.


Heidi D’amelio Family

  • No info of family
  • Rich Christian Parents
  • Louisiana settled family
  • Heidi husband -Marc D’Amelio – Businessman, Politician, Entrepreneur
  • Heidi daughters – Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio – TikTok celebrities

She comes from a rich Louisiana settled Christian family with a luxury lifestyle since her childhood. There is very limited information available about Heidi’s family as she has not revealed much of her parents information and her childhood. Heidi is married to Marc D’Amelio, who is also a famous media personality whose occupation details are not revealed but he presumably works as an entrepreneur with also some political connections in his home state Connecticut. Heidi is most famous due to her two celebrity TikTokers, Charlie and Dixie D’Amalio who have millions of followers on Instagram and TikTok.


  • Heidi career – Social media Influencer
  • Mother of tik tok stars
  • Heidi huge fan following – 2.4 million followers  on Instagram
  • Promotions – Products and brands
  • Travelling, food posts in Social media

Heidi is famous with the tag of ‘mother of TikTok stars’ but the fact remains true that she is also quite popular and has a huge following of her own. Heidi is a social media influencer who has 2.4 million followers on Instagram as her primary source of income comes through brand endorsements and product promotions. She is seen wearing various fashion clothes and promoting many products through her social media hence she has a huge following on her. She loves to travel and has a great time with her family.

Heidi D’amelio Net Worth

  • Rich family
  • Daughters – TikTok Celebrities
  • Husband – entrepreneur, rich business man
  • No official report of Net worth
  • Experts analysis
  • Heidi net worth – $500k
  • Heidi’s husband combined net worth – $1.5 million
  • Heidi’s daughters combined net worth – $3 million
  • D’Amelio family combined net worth – $5 million

Heidi comes from a rich family and being the mother of two of the upcoming TikTok sensations with the addition of her being a social media follower, she is already a millionaire. She lives a luxurious lifestyle in America and her own net worth crosses into $500k, without the combined net worth of her husband makes her one of the richest personalities in the United States. The combined net worth with her husband touches approximately 1.5 million and her combined net worth with her daughters add up to $3 million. The total net worth of the D’Amelio family is approximately $5 million as of 2022. Although the numbers are not officially released, the speculations from experts are analysed according to her daily posts in respect to the brand endorsements she does.

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