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How Does Demat Account Opening Benefit Investors?

When it is time for investing and trading online, all you have to do is open a trading account and along with it, the demat account opening is also necessary.  Unlike the olden days now you dont need to visit any bank or any government offices to open your Demat account. With a stock broker app like Kotak Stock Trading app which will provide you with all the trading solutions online. With this trading app, you can do the trading smoothly and in a hassle-free way. You can also save lots of time & effort through online trading.

Demat means dematerialized. Demat accounts help investors obtain financial certificates in digital form. The shares you own can be kept in your Demat account. So, if someone wants to sell or transfer, they can do it from their Demat account through a trading app or web platform. This demat account can be used for all type of transaction which is done in the stock market. 

By having a Demat account in place, any customer does not have to worry about paperwork or stamp duty. But it may seem overwhelming to open a Demat account and start your trading journey. For now, opening a Demat account is quick and easy. You can open a Demat account in less time. Apart from that, using a Demat account is also easy and quick. You need to open a Demat account and maintain it. Many stock brokers offer low maintenance charges or even in some cases free maintenance.

 Benefits of the Demat account 

The first and major benefit of a Demat account is eliminating the physical certificate which was a big pain in the past years. Traders are often robbed or scammed with fake physical certificates.

  • When transferring a share, there are no additional fees, such as stamp duty fees.
  • Bonds, mutual funds, commodities, and other financial assets can all be kept in one Demat account.
  • You can track your investments on the go thanks to the Demat account’s remote access option.
  • Your order to buy or sell financial securities can be instantly transferred.
  • With one click, you may look up every record of share transactions from your Demat account
  • Your financial assets can be liquidated, and money can be transferred right to your bank account.
  • You can quickly add or remove the candidate for your Demat account.

All the above thing is possible through the Demat account. To make things easy we can use the most trusted demat apps such as KST which is available in the android store and app store. You can get tons of features from this stock trading app. You can open your Demat account with your photo ID, and address proof such as Aadhaar Card, passport, ration card and bank passbook. 

You also need to know about the Demat account charges which are as follows: 

Opening  fees

The costs of setting up your dematerialized account are those that your broker will incur. If the broker is a reputable financial institution, this account is typically cost-free. The reason the financial organisation offers broking services is clear. By increasing transaction fees, the bank intends to boost revenue using a common business tactic. Check the account opening costs again before you get started in light of other bank-related costs.

Maintenance charge per year

To keep your account active and continue receiving regular services, you must pay this fee in advance each year. The fee often falls between 250 and 500 INR. It isn’t always directly tied to the quality of the service, though. 

Transaction charges

Typically, a brokerage firm will charge a fee for each trade. Usually, the amount of the transaction and the number of stocks involved are used to compute these costs. Despite the fact that many brokers add their own, significantly higher margins to this pricing, depositories’ fees, such as CDSL, are also passed down. So, you could have to pay a transaction fee depending on the plan and broker you pick.


Investing should be done in a disciplined manner, regardless of your financial goal. However, you choose Kotak Securities as your first option because it has the best trading app in India. Not only do you get the best trading app, but you also get consultation and access to other crucial tools like stock analysis and reports. The best moment to begin trading if you are new to the stock market is right now.

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