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Kiyomi Takada Bio, Life, Career, Looks, Anime

Light Yagami’s ex-girlfriend and former classmate Kiyomi Takada (, Takada Kiyomi) subsequently serves as Kira’s spokesperson on the NHN television network.

Kiyomi Takada Physical Appearance

Kiyomi Takada has short, black hair that is brushed to the right, dark grey eyes, and is said to be quite lovely. She typically wears bare-shouldered shirts with skirts or long pants and formal attire. She occasionally appears with red lipstick and a jacket on.

Kiyomi Takada Character

A young lady of intelligence and charm, Kiyomi. She develops a reputation as “Miss To-Oh” (or “Miss Todai” in the Japanese version) and “Refined Takada” while attending To-Oh University (“Seiso Takada” in the Japanese version, which means something similar to “plays hard to get”). She is also seen as being quite haughty and enjoying being the centre of most or all attention.

Kiyomi, who supports Kira’s principles, takes on the role of Kira’s spokesperson for News 6 on the station NHN. She is adored by spectators who treat her like a queen due to her beauty and grace. As a result of Kiyomi’s self-centered belief that Misa Amane is undeserving of Light, the two ladies develop a friendly rivalry.

Kiyomi Takada

Kiyomi Takada Plot

Light Yagami resolves to take use of the fact that Kiyomi once dated him in college when Teru Mikami, who was unaware of their relationship, choose her to serve as Kira’s spokesperson and to take the place of Hitoshi Demegawa. Mikami takes this decision because he regards her as intelligent, civilised, and capable of accurately relaying Kira’s comments in a cool, direct manner.

As a result, the Japanese Task Force chooses to approach her using her previous connection to Light in order to learn more about Kira. But in reality, Light intends to use this to position Kiyomi as a go-between for Mikami and himself.

The hotels that they utilise for their meetings are checked into and out by Shuichi Aizawa, and the rooms are bugged before Kiyomi arrives. Light instructs Kiyomi to discuss her personal ideas at their initial meeting despite being tasked with accurately relaying Kira’s instructions to the Task Force as part of his strategy to make them believe that he is looking into Kira.

Kiyomi Takada Movie series Rem and Kiyomi

Kiyomi Takada only makes an appearance in Death Note: The Last Name, the second movie. She does not know Light and does not work with Mikami, but she does become the voice of Kira on TV as she did in canon, and her role is coupled with Kyosuke Higuchi as the third Kira.

Rem presents the Death Note to Takada when Light orders her to find a new user for it after spotting Takada’s ambition at her news station. Takada kills Saeko Nishiyama, a rival, in order to grow professionally by using the Death Note selfishly.

Similar to how they cornered Higuchi, the Task Force surrounds her while Matsuda threatens to reveal her. Light kills Takada to reclaim ownership of the Death Note after he picks it up and regains his memories. Takada suffers a heart attack and passes away while being held captive by the team, just like Higuchi.

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