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How to choose the table shower box: useful tips to avoid making mistakes

Those who do not have adequate space in the bathroom to install a bathtub can choose an alternative that is anything but valid for sweet moments of relaxation. The table shower is in fact one of the most flexible models in terms of placement and with corner or rectangle solutions that optimize every minimum space. Here are some useful tips to make no mistake and choose only the best models.

Pay attention to the real space available in the bathroom for a correct installation of the shower box

Knowing the space actually available for the installation of the shower box is one of the very first useful tips to avoid making a mistake in the purchase. It must be considered that every space is different and that the aforementioned box is not the only element in the bathroom. Consequently, it must not get in the way of the sanitary ware and still guarantee good freedom of movement inside. For this reason, if, for example, we identify unused corners, it might be a good idea to take advantage of them by purchasing a corner shower box . Conversely, if you have more space, then why not make the most of it by purchasing rectangular shower enclosures.

Once the real space has been decided, a choice on the type of shower tray and opening must also be adapted during the purchase phase. In the first case, semicircular or rectangular solutions should be chosen based on the box chosen from the angular and rectangular options. In the second case, it must be considered that there are several openings and all in line with the maximum saving of space. Among the most requested, those with sliding doors or with one door.

The material used in a shower box, useful tips to avoid making mistakes

Useful tips for not making a mistake in choosing the shower enclosure also concern the type of material used. On the market, there are several and all with good quality and average costs. For example, there is the classic acrylic, especially suitable for smaller bathrooms. This is because it also favors the subsequent installation of shower trays flush with the floor and with a low thickness.

Transparent glass or tempered glass are another material that is most popular in a shower enclosure. Suitable for installation in both small and larger bathrooms, they give an elegant design effect in the bathroom. At the same time, they are very resistant as materials and are fairly easy to maintain. Obviously, being transparent materials, they imply a daily cleaning of the shower box to effectively eliminate soap and limescale residues. In addition, a very specific action is required to keep the shine of the shower box unchanged.

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It is also important to evaluate the opening of the shower box to be installed in your bathroom

Finally, opening the shower enclosure we mentioned earlier is another useful advice to avoid making a mistake in this choice. In this regard, there are models of shower enclosures with:

  • Folding doors. Very useful especially where you opt for a corner installation, they are also very easy for easier cleaning.
  • Sliding doors . They allow you to save a lot of space on the shower box, thanks to the easy sliding opening. They require more attention than a daily cleaning to remove limescale and soap residues. Furthermore, they are among the best-selling models in the sector thanks to a wide choice of rectangle or corner sizes to choose from.
  • Hinged . The opening takes place towards the outside and requires adequate space in the bathroom for a good installation. Also in this case, there are many models on the market that allow you to choose the best solutions according to your tastes.

More specific models, moreover, also have a double sliding door or with an opening from both sides. Ideal, so as not to take up too much space in the bathroom and to choose solutions such as crystal with anti-limescale treatment for maximum relaxation and easier cleaning.

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