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How To Create An Engaging Video Introduction For Your Brand

Before you start talking about the products your brand sells or the services it provides, it’s important to introduce your brand to the audience. One of the most effective ways is by creating an introduction video for your brand. Introductory videos are short videos that throw light on the primary motivations of the brand, which helps build the right positioning in the market. With an introduction video, you can build a strong personality for your brand that makes you stand out from your competitors in the market. 

While creating a video doesn’t take a lot of resources, and all you need is some video production equipment and a video editor, planning and crafting a compelling introduction video can be tricky. Here’s a checklist of things you must consider before creating an introduction video.

What is it that your brand wants to achieve?

Every brand has a mission that is beyond sales and profits. The better you communicate that mission to the audience, the higher your chances of succeeding. While creating the introduction video, the first question that you need to ask yourself is what makes me build this brand and what keeps me going? A clear answer to this is a battle half won. You can then build your entire introduction videos around that theme and encourage people to join you for a collective goal. 

Introduce yourself

This one is an obvious first step. Before you start elaborating on anything, you should briefly introduce who you are. In this part, you can talk not just about you as a person but also as a founder. What made you build this brand, and what are you planning to achieve through it. Explaining how your motivations align with your brand’s objectives help the audience make a mind map. This eventually helps in building a brand personality. Shooting this initial bit in personal places like your home and office can add a small personal touch to your introduction video. 

Get into the details 

Consider this phase 2 of your introduction. Once you establish all the basic information required to understand you and your brand, you should get into the specifics. In this stage, you must talk about all the relevant research, surveys, facts, and studies that helped you make the decisions and how you think they are correct. You can also talk about your experience and learnings. It’s a great idea to create a graphical presentation of your facts and then add them to your video in video editing. 

Share your inspirations

While it is important to establish what you do and how you do it, why you do something holds equal and, in some cases, even more importance. So, while talking about your vision and mission, don’t forget to talk about the process of shaping it to what it is today. Talk about all the insights you encountered along the way, the problems you dealt with, and the solutions you came up with. Humbly embracing your learning curve will add strong credibility to your brand.  Don’t be afraid to add your views and opinions. The more honest you are about your brand, the better it will perform on the social platforms, as videos with personal connections work best on social media platforms. 

Talk about what your brand stands for 

While you give a strong background and detailed insights into your thought process, you shouldn’t get carried away by it. Understand that the primary objective of making an introduction video is to showcase your product or service. A big chunk of your video should talk about what you’re creating for the audience. This can be put forward in several ways like product demos, testimonials, user experience, and many more. Creating a mix of all and compiling it into a narrative while video editing can also be a great option.   

Add a call to action 

Adding a call to action is probably one of the most important elements in creating a video. Having a clear, actionable objective in mind for the audience and addressing it in the video is a great way to ensure your audience is reacting positively to your content. A prompt like a CTA helps the audience understand what you expect them to do. This drastically reduces the confusion in the minds of your viewers and helps you achieve your desired goals. 

Choose the right soundtrack 

A great background score can make your video ten times more engaging, while a soundtrack that doesn’t go with the pace of your video can instantly bore your viewer. Hence choosing the right soundtrack is the most crucial part. Selecting a soundtrack should take the most number of experiments in your video editing process. When you feel a track is going well with your video, you should try out a few more. 

Pay attention to the length of your video

Though there are no strict rules about how long your introduction video should last, a research study suggests that humans can concentrate on an audiovisual format for around 3 minutes before they get distracted, so 3 minutes is a sweet spot. Ultimately, it all depends on how much information you are planning to add to your video and how engaging it is to the audience. 

It’s also a great idea to create different video lengths for different platforms based on the attention span. A platform like YouTube has a good attention span, and people would watch a 5-6 minutes video. On the other hand, on Instagram, people’s attention span is very short, so your video should not exceed more than 3 minutes. These platform-specific cuts can be made using a video editor. 

While it sounds simple to create an introduction video to your brand, there are so many small details that need to be considered, from video quality, video content, video length, and the professionality of the editing. If all these things are done right, your introduction video can take your brand to great heights. 

We encourage you to keep this article as a checklist in the planning and video editing stage and add as much creativity to your video. All the best on your introduction video!

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