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Misrach Ewunetie Student Died by Suicide

Following the mysterious disappearance and death of Misrach Ewunetie and an odd event with another student just before her passing, students at Princeton University are terrified that a murderer is on campus.The talented 20-year-old student was reported missing on October 14 and six days later, her body was discovered outside the college’s tennis courts. Due to pandemic-related backlogs, months have passed without an autopsy being made public, and no toxicology report is anticipated to be submitted until February.

Despite assurances from Princeton officials that the campus is secure, students who have been absent without explanation are worried and uneasy, particularly in light of the fact that a letter with the words be nicer was left on the door of another student the same day that Ewunetie vanished. Mikayla Merin, a sophomore, claimed that an unidentified man holding a banner that read, Be Nicer, had taken her door off its hinges.The ominous note left Merin so terrified that she skipped school for a month. The lack of information has angered Misrach Ewunetie relatives, who also criticised police for keeping them in the dark.

Although there was no sign of evident damage, and it did not seem suspicious or criminal in character, authorities emphasised that there was no proof of foul play in her death to allay immediate anxieties. Additionally, the institution informed students that there was no proof that Ewunetie’s death was a homicide.However, the school stated in that notification that it was stepping up campus security, as well as improving nighttime lighting and security camera programmes.Officials wrote to students, saying, While we know that our campus is safe, it’s crucial that you also feel comfortable.

Students were bewildered as to why security would need to be increased if the school is apparently safe as a result of the message’s conflicting messages.There is no reason to think it wasn’t suspicious, sophomore Isadora Knutsen told the Times.Additionally, many people have stuck to hypotheses and strange occurrences surrounding the killing because they only received scant information from police.One of the most common pieces of information that students find concerning comes from an incident that took place the same day Misrach Ewunetie went missing.The Department of Public Safety was called to Kwanza Jones Hall on Friday, October 14, 2022, to investigate an allegation that an unidentified person had taken a student’s door off its hinges, according to a Princeton warning.

The individual was characterised as a male wearing blue jeans and a neon yellow shirt. Mikayla Merin, a sophomore, discovered the door hanging off its hinges and a note inside her room that said, “Be Nicer.”According to Merin, who spoke to the Times, the incident made her feel uneasy. She took a month off of school before going back after placing her own security camera in the space.

Misrach Ewunetie, a resident of Euclid, Ohio, was last observed on October 14 at roughly 3am close to Scully Hall, a residence at Princeton University.On October 13, according to Universe, Misrach had been helping at Princeton’s Terrace Club, one of the university’s 11 exclusive dining establishments.

One of Princeton’s public clubs, Terrace Club, does not require membership dues and is not affiliated with the university. The clubs provide lunches and opportunities for varied activities for the school’s upperclassmen.

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