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Reasons Why Online Casinos Block Account

While lucky players might have a tonne of fun and success with online gambling, occasionally getting your online casino account disabled can put you in a bind. Before you start freaking out if your account is ever blocked, you should look into possible reasons why a casino may have frozen it in the first place.

Online casinos may restrict your gaming account for several reasons. You can resolve the situation more quickly if you know why access to your casino account has been blocked as soon as possible.

The fact that your account has been frozen does not guarantee that it will remain that way forever. You can swiftly restore your online account to its customary condition if you meet the requirements of the gaming website. Furthermore, if you know the mistakes to avoid, you could prevent having your casino account suspended altogether.

Why Your Account Was Blocked

You can receive a notification that you can no longer place bets on that website in a different method depending on the casino or sportsbook where you place your wagers. While some websites will alert you when you enter your account, others will only display the notification message once you try to load a game or place a wager.

Gaming operators frequently email their customers to let them know when their accounts have been blocked. After a specific amount of time, players are permitted to place real-money bets if the cause for the account suspension is not too significant. However, online casinos will permanently ban accounts in more severe circumstances.

If the online casino thinks you have violated one of its regulations, you can often have your account blocked. In this post, we’ll go through some of the most typical excuses for why someone could get kicked out of a virtual casino.

Unverified Account

When you first register an account with an online casino, a KYC process will require you. Players must submit a copy of their ID or similar proof of identity to complete this stage. As one of the requirements for obtaining a license, casinos must take this step to verify all customers’ accounts.

Your account will be suspended unless you verify it within a predetermined time after registering with the casino. There is no excuse not to finish the KYC procedure if you have chosen to play at an authorized casino because you will be allowed to access any games, not even in a fun mode, once you have verified your account.

Violating Terms of Service

Your gaming account may be suspended if you don’t adhere to the online casino’s basic rules and the offer’s terms and conditions. Get acquainted with the online casino’s guidelines to ensure that you are utilizing the website in compliance with its terms and conditions. By doing this, you can be confident that you won’t violate the website’s terms and conditions and run the risk of blocking your account.

Frequent Betting Patterns

Suspicious behavior is one of the reasons an online casino account could be permanently suspended. Unusual betting patterns may be easily identified and used as justification for banning certain accounts since online casinos use cutting-edge software tools to monitor the gaming behavior of all current players.

An online casino may be alerted to bot usage if the AI in its operations notices patterns of play, such as betting the same amount on a particular poker hand or maxing out a slot machine at a specific time of day. The suspicious account would then be instantly and permanently blocked.

Illegal Withdrawal And Deposit

All casinos with a UKGC license must abide by license requirements pertaining to money laundering prevention. Gaming operators adopt several measures to stop such crimes since criminal organizations frequently utilize virtual casinos to launder their filthy money. Some business operators must record transactions with suspiciously large dollar amounts.

Your account will be promptly suspended if money laundering suspicions are raised. The use of a prohibited payment method is another way to get your casino account suspended. Sometimes, using the bank account information they offer when making casino deposits, gamers from banned countries are discovered gambling on gaming websites.

Underage Gambling

To demonstrate that they are of legal gambling age, new casino players must undergo a verification procedure, which is one of the key requirements. Since regulators are quite severe about banning underage gaming if an online casino discovers that a particular account belongs to a minor, the account in question will be instantly suspended. This drastic action is being taken because any operator found offering gambling items to minors may face severe penalties and other unpleasant repercussions.

Unsuccessful Sign-in Attempts

An online casino account may be banned if too many failed attempts to log in. As certain players’ accounts may have been attempted to be hacked, this is done to safeguard the player’s money. In such circumstances, one can regain access to their gaming account by contacting customer service and requesting that their account be reactivated.

You should turn on two-factor authentication if you ever receive a notification that your account has been suspended because of an excessive number of unsuccessful login attempts. You will be shielded from hacker assaults, and your sign-ins will be more secure.

Abusing Bonus Usage

Being accused of bonus abuse is another typical reason your online casino account could get suspended. New players frequently qualify for some welcome offer, such as free spins or a deposit match bonus. The casino will permanently block all of the player’s accounts if they are discovered establishing several accounts to take advantage of such casino incentives.

You can also see in the bonus terms and conditions that a particular offer is only open to one person from the same IP address and household.


Contacting an online casino’s support team if you lose access to your casino account lets you learn why you were suspended. The casino might restore your account and help you get back on track if it was due to a minor infraction. If the justification is flawed or they cannot provide one, your best option is to contact the regulatory body overseeing the online casino.

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