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Ways to Improve Focus and Concentration Skills

Have you ever experienced the time when you are just sitting idle at your desk, glazing on your laptop, thinking about the work pressure and deadline, but cannot focus on the task at hand? Well, we all have been there. We know we want to work and are also motivated, but sometimes, for some reason, we just cannot focus. 

In Will Power & Self Discipline, Ramez Sasson stated that concentration is the ability to direct one’s attention following one’s will. Concentration means control of attention. Our mind can focus on one subject, object, or thought and simultaneously exclude every other unrelated thought, idea, feelings, and sensation from the mind.

Various factors cause a lack of concentration and focus. Plenty of internal and external factors distract us from concentrating correctly and attack our focus from all sides at the same time. Below are some constant causes and factors that come in the way of concentration. 

Lack of Good Sleep: An average of 8 hours of good night’s sleep is essential for an adult body. Period. It is scientifically proven that insufficient sleep can cause a lack of alertness and slow our thought process. It can easily affect our logical thinking and reasoning power. 

Unhealthy Eating Habits: our food is directly linked to mental health. Our brains need ample nutrients to work correctly throughout the day. Our brain can effectively stop working if it does not get the right nutrients. Our brain needs essential fatty acids, as a low-fat diet can slow brain functioning, leading to fatigue or memory loss.

Distractions/Interruptions: Our digital world is full of unnecessary distractions. It is proven that glancing at our smartphones will negatively impact our concentration. With tons of social media apps and other work-related or entertainment-related platforms, we receive an influx of ting-tongs and pop-ups that can highly impair our focus. 

Surroundings: our environment also takes part in impairing our concentration skills—external factors, such as loud noises, lighting, and so on—types of sound and light effects differently. Sometimes, the humming bothers us, but, at the same time, we might concentrate on a mode of public transport. 

The aforementioned are a few of the many internal and external factors that affect our focus. Read on to find the ways and know how you can improve your focus and concentration skills. 

Remove Distractions: It will sound complicated, but we should keep our smartphones aside for a considerable amount of time. Making a schedule and marking a specific time for some activity will surely help you remove the unnecessary distractions. 

Workout: Studies show that if we workout for even 30 minutes in the morning, we stay refreshed for the entire day. Exercise is known to boost the dopamine levels in our body. The research found that people who work out in the morning or even in the evening are better at cognitive tasks than those who do not. You can also practice yoga as it helps to soothe your mind. 

Healthy Eating: Adding green leafy vegetables, fruits, mixed seeds, etc., to your diet will help you focus better as they are rich in antioxidants and other nutrients. Completely reducing sugar will make you drowsy, so it is essential to have a balanced diet. You can also get healthy fats by consuming nuts, berries, edible coconut oil, etc. eating healthy does not mean depriving yourself of your favorite food. You can have a cheat day once in a while and eat your favorite snacks or desserts. For example, occasionally, you can have a cake to savor your taste buds; experience at-home cake delivery in Panipat or anywhere you reside. 

Set a Daily Target: writing down accomplishments and what to accomplish is a perfect way to focus. Our brain will distinguish between the priority and non-priority tasks and will focus significantly on the functions we have set to achieve. 

Connect with Nature or Travel: To improve your focus, you should connect with nature in any way possible. You can even keep some indoor plants on your desk at the office, in your home, etc., or you can always travel to refresh your mind and keep it clean from the unnecessary clutter. Connecting with nature is a proven way to improve the quality of life and focus properly. 

Switch Between the Tasks: Leave it for now if you feel stuck in a particular task. Sometimes, our mind gets confused and feels stuck because of the monotonous nature of work; to avoid that, you can always switch between the assigned work. It will indeed be helpful for your concentration and let you stay productive for long. 

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