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Who plays the child actor role in jeena isi ka naam hain movie ?

In recent years, Ashish Thakur has mounted himself as a famous figure within the leisure industry and has left an indelible influence on visitors and critics. This text investigates the films and television packages that Ashlesha Thakur has been associated with.

 About her:

Ashleesha is a talented and versatile Indian actress who has achieved success in the television industry. Through her remarkable acting abilities and captivating presence, she has successfully captured the hearts of millions of viewers nationwide.

Journеy of her:

Ashlеsha’s journey in thе еntеrtainmеnt industry has bееn nothing short of rеmarkablе. Starting hеr carееr as a child artist, shе had hеr brеakthrough as “Young Swara” in thе popular TV show “Swaragini.”

Top TV Shows Associatеd with her


 In this TV show Ashlеsha portrays and she is a young version of the lеad character Swara. Her performances were imbued with emotions and maturity that transcended her years, captivating the audience and winning her a devoted fan base. in this show, she steels the stage and number of audience. As a result, she has massive fans and followers.

Patiala Babes:

Her portrayal as Mini in this well-known series showcased her versatility as an actress in this aspect. She skillfully captured the character’s range of emotions, from innocence to strength, winning over both critics and viewers in the process. it is more interesting to watch her show and she has a lot of fans and followers at all times.

The achievement of the television suggests wherein Ashlesha is basically due to her extraordinary talent and determination to her craft. Her capacity to present every individual intensity and authenticity unit her aside from different writers. It’s far apparent from her involvement with the sphere that Ashleesha has impacted the broadcast enterprise. Professionals within the business and watchers the equal have come to regard and appreciate Ashleesha for her devotion to her paintings.

Given her domestic growth capabilities and growing repute, it’s blanketed to wager that ashlee’s destiny within the pride business venture is energetic. Her capacity to connect the goal marketplace and supply strong exhibitions make sure that she can continue to be a stress to be treated in the broadcast commercial Enterprise.


it is undeniable that her is a rising big name in the TV industry. Her awesome roles in famous TV shows and wonderful skills have earned her dedicated enthusiasts. We anxiously anticipate more shows from this professional entertainer as their tale advances, trusting that she will continue sparkling brilliantly on our television evaluates for a long time to return

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