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When securing a career in technology, these “typical” jobs and titles come to mind: Software engineer, data scientist, mobile developer, web developer, IT manager, and so on. While these are all respectable, high-paying, and popular careers, did you know that various unique tech jobs are available at successful companies worldwide with uncommon descriptions and responsibilities?

In fact, you no longer need time-consuming, expensive degrees to land a job in a field such as technology because creativity, skill, and innovation play a significant role in getting that interview you’ve been waiting for.

What’s more, some of the most critical skills 21st-century employers demand are problem-solving, experimentation, creativity in your approach, and, above all, having the guts to go above and beyond to get the job done. 

So if you have enough technical chops and the desire to break the conventional mold, we have some news for you.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the most unique, unconventional, and (most importantly!) lucrative tech jobs you should consider today:

  1. Ethical Hacker

Average Annual Income: $99,000

The word “hacker” alone brings up negative connotations. But did you know that you can do it legally and get paid well for your skills? Well, now you know. This practice, sometimes known as “white hat hacking,” entails assessing a system’s weaknesses and testing the IT security of a company.

To check a business’s network or data security, ethical hackers employ the same tools and attitude as criminal hackers. Furthermore, becoming an ethical hacker demands a few technical abilities, including a solid understanding of coding and strong knowledge of operating systems and cryptography.

  1. Data Detective 

Average Annual Salary: $86,940

Data detectives are known for investigating organizational data across a business and generating meaningful recommendations and answers. Their assessments are based on examining data generated by IoT endpoints, sensors, traditional computing infrastructure, devices, mesh, and neural capabilities.

These professionals can also identify false positives, which are situations that seem alarming but are false alarms that do not require attention.

To succeed in this role, you will need to be curious, an analytical thinker, patient, and methodical. In addition, most companies require candidates who can analyze, modify, and convert data.

  1. Computer Network Architect 

Average Annual Salary: $147,480

Constructing, designing, and maintaining data transmission networks are all part of this job.

The specific responsibilities include:

  • Developing strategies for data communication systems.
  • Updating existing hardware to satisfy computer network specifications.
  • Deploying cutting-edge technologies that assist the company in facing the future and boosting its competitiveness.

Furthermore, this profession requires various leadership, organizational, interpersonal, and analytical capabilities.

  1. Digital Marketer 

Average Annual Salary: $82,483

According to LinkedIn, the role of a “Digital Marketer” is among the top 10 most in-demand and innovative careers, with 860,000 job opportunities. That says a lot!

Your primary responsibility as a qualified digital marketer is to create winning marketing strategies. These marketing initiatives aim to increase consumer engagement and brand recognition.

To successfully advertise a brand, digital marketers make the most of their business’s social media accounts by creating digital material to foster results.

  1. Animator

Average Annual Salary: $74,000

Animators are imaginative experts who utilize art to create lifelike visuals. Based on their talent in design and art, digital animators will make the most of various computer programs to produce animations for companies, including video consoles, cinemas, and television.

Additionally, they could collaborate with independent businesses or provide freelancing services to video makers. To succeed in their careers, animators must be creative and have an aesthetic vision.

  1. Package/Product Designer

Average Annual Salary: $142,119

Let’s face it: you aren’t going to choose a product off the shelf if the packaging is unsightly, unpleasant, or aimed at someone other than you.

With the prevalence of online shopping today, it isn’t easy to convince customers to visit physical businesses to make purchases. However, some still enter Target, get sidetracked by cute packaging and eye-catching colors, and leave having spent $70 more than they had intended.

Designers of products and packaging hone their skills to entice customers and use their designs to persuade customers to spend money. It’s a requirement for this work to have artistic talent, assembly experience, and trend knowledge.

  1. Device Reviewer 

Average Annual Salary: $54,981

Do you enjoy reading and using cutting-edge technology? You might wish to think about working as a device reviewer. These positions may be identified as “product reviewers” or “staff writers.”

These positions frequently need at least two years of professional writing and research experience and a portfolio of published work. A tech background and desire are certainly advantages. There are still ways to enter the market if you love tech products but lack writing skills. 

Creating a YouTube channel and uploading video reviews is a popular strategy for increasing exposure and reputation.

  1. Video Game Developer 

Average Annual Salary: $71,724

Becoming a video game developer is a rewarding career for people who enjoy playing video games. You will be in charge of modifying and enhancing gameplay, including aesthetics. You will entirely control the game, including the characters and plots.

In addition to creating games, you’ll develop and test them extensively to ensure the players will be satisfied.

  1. UX Designer

Average Annual Salary: $97,855

Understanding user behavior on a website is crucial to maintaining their interest.

For that very purpose, brands and companies employ UX designers to help them ensure their customers have a wonderful experience navigating their online presence.

Regarding capabilities, UX designers must be creative if they want to collaborate with web designers on the development and upkeep of a website. Moreover, graphics, layout, and typography are UI (User Interface) design components that UX designers should be familiar with.

  1. Drone Operator

Average Annual Salary: $52,597

Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), such as drones, don’t need operators on board, but they still need operators. These individuals are also referred to as drone pilots.

Drone operators can work in various sectors, including the military, government organizations, and private industries. Their primary duties are organizing flight routes, taking pictures, meeting clients, and keeping a close eye on air travel rules and regulations.

Furthermore, drones are governed by the Federal Aviation Administration, which also demands certification for drone pilots. If you possess a drone, you must also pass a test, get a license, and register it to work where you want to.


These are just a handful of the incredible and unconventional careers that demand technology abilities but aren’t precisely tech-with-a-capital-T roles.

Remember to filter for abilities rather than roles when considering your next professional move. You’ll be astounded by the variety of options and career paths available!2

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