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The Importance of Sports for Improving the Kids’ IQ Score

It’s well-established that your body’s physical and mental performance are strongly related to each other.

Therefore, if you want your kid to grow smarter, you have to pay attention to the sport he or she is doing.

In this article, we’re going to let you know what sports are better for children.

Do sports really make your kid smarter?

Doing sports is undoubtedly good for physical health and social life. But does playing a sport or two really improve intelligence?

Many high-quality scientific studies have shown the benefits of exercise for concentration, concentration, memory, and other aspects of intelligence.

Scientists have studied the general benefits of exercise for some of these brain functions:

Executive functions – the brain’s project management functions, schedule management, impulse control, planning, and working memory controls how many facts can be kept in. Many competitive sports can improve executive function.

Visual Selective Attention – Simply put, the ability to identify objects as important and track or focus on them. For example, you can see a baseball in flight, visually track its movement, and stand before it to catch it.

Suppression Control – Ability to adjust for extraneous “noise” in the environment to focus on what’s important, like driving. B. Verbal instructions from the trainer. Ability to overcome distraction and concentration.

A 2008 review of 144 studies found that physical activity boosts cognitive abilities in children. Other studies have found an association between physical activity and her performance on academic achievement tests in grades 5, 7, and 9. The effect was stronger in boys than in girls.

According to her 2015 study of children’s physical and cognitive development, soccer training contributes to physical and mental performance.

Her 9-year-old and her 10-year-old students who participated in a soccer practice program experienced improvements in visual discrimination compared to a comparison group of sedentary children.

Marianha Alesi and colleagues found that this improved working memory, executive function, and selective visual attention. From a study of 39 9-year-old children who were tested for both, his group of 19 who practiced karate classes improved both mentally and physically.

Best sports for improving kids’ IQ scores

Here are the best sports for kids to improve their IQ scores.


Rugby is a contact sport with up to 15 players per team. Rugby is a fast-paced, high-intensity sport that helps develop upper and lower-body cardio and endurance.

Rugby also helps build resilience in young players who literally have to get back on their feet after a fall. As with any contact sport, success requires a disciplined and careful approach to collisions.


Hockey is a very fast-paced game played on grass or synthetic turf. It’s the perfect sport to hone your stamina.

Players not only need to move quickly to keep up with the fast movement of the ball, but they also need to improve their coordination and balance.

Communicating with teammates in hockey, as in other teams his sport, helps build his interpersonal communication skills.


Netball is a team sport whose primary objective is to get the ball into the opponent’s basket.

Netball helps improve hand-eye coordination and mental focus as athletes require accuracy and precision to hit the ball into the hoop.

Learning how to delegate effectively, lead and solve problems is an advantage of this sport, as each player has a specific role to play on the pitch.


Cricket has seen a resurgence in recent years, with a resurgence of a more modern style of play at the international level and a more diverse audience.

Cricket requires speed, skill, and strategy for players to succeed and helps them develop exceptional hand-eye coordination and stamina to play a 2-3 hour match.

The sport is also a great lesson in collaboration, as teammates must work together to develop a winning strategy. Dealing with pressure situations also boosts student-athlete confidence.


Tennis matches can last for hours, so fighters must learn patience and effectiveness.

Recognizing your opponent’s weaknesses and adjusting your playstyle accordingly is a valuable skill in this game and an essential skill to bring to the boardroom.

One-on-one sports also help children build confidence and foster a culture of fair play.

How to measure your kid’s IQ score

Now that you’re aware of the impact of different sports on your kid’s mental ability, you’d better learn how to measure his/her IQ score.

Fortunately, there are numerous online IQ tests that you can take for free. For example, IQ EXAM is a free online IQ test and is one of the most accurate examinations in the world. It might be a bit more complicated than other tests because it’s a bit longer.

Although this exam is a bit tough for children, the publishers have tried to make it as straightforward as possible for all people.

The questions have been designed by professional researchers and can accurately assess your kid’s mental abilities.

You will not be charged for taking this IQ test, and you can repeat the test as long as you want.

A great thing about this test is that there is no time restriction. Actually, they don’t want to pressure the candidates because they believe the stress can impact their performance.

Final thoughts

Remember that the IQ score is not the only factor for evaluating a person’s abilities and skills. Try to avoid misinterpreting the result of your kid’s IQ score. You’d better focus on his talents and figure out in what field he or she can succeed.

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