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The Top 10 Fielders For India: They Are The Players That Everyone Love

When it comes to fielding, the Indian cricket team has never been regarded to be among the best in the world by any standards. However, they have always been known for their batting prowess as well as their expertise in spin bowling. This has earned them recognition over the years.

India may not have produced any fielders of the calibre of Ricky Ponting or Jonty Rhodes, but it has generated a sufficient number of fast and agile fielders who are capable of altering the outcome of a match.

According to the cricket ranking ICC, following are the ten Indian fielders who, in people’s opinion, utterly tore up the field.

10- Ajay Jadeja

Ajay Jadeja was regarded as one of the best fielders for the Indian team and hailed from a family full of legendary cricket players. Even though he was banned from playing cricket for rigging matches, he is still considered to be one of India’s best fielders. This is despite the fact that his career was overshadowed by the scandal.

9-Mohammed Azharuddin

It’s possible that the former Indian captain was one of the few players who excelled in both the covers and the slips positions to the same degree. In addition to his graceful back flip throw, Azharuddin was able to grab the ultimate screamers because to his quick feet, excellent anticipation, and soft hands. His backflip toss was particularly impressive. In spite of the fact that the match-fixing scandal cut his career short, he is still known as one of the most dependable slip catchers in the history of the sport.

8- Robin Singh

This Indian cricketer, who was born in Trinidad, had a difficult time making it into the Indian local side but ultimately made it onto the Indian one-day international squad.

This hard-working utility player had a strong and accurate throwing arm from the outfield and chased the ball with a high level of effort. The fielding of India improved as a whole because of his and Ajay Jadeja’s relationship.

7- Ravindra Jadeja

Because of his lacklustre hitting and uninteresting bowling, the new generation of Jadeja has received a lot of criticism recently. However, when it comes to fielding, he is unrivalled in his ability. This diminutive guy is lightning-quick across the field, and in Yuvraj Singh’s absence, he has basically taken over at a backward point. He is lightning-fast across the field.

6- Virat Kohli

He is the model of a good human being. Kohli is part of a new breed of players who are valuable contributors on the field regardless of whether or not they can bat. This generation of players includes Kohli. He has a rocket arm and relentlessly follows the ball, which often catches the hitter off guard and throws them off their game. This Delhi Dynamite is without a doubt one of India’s most talented players, regardless of whether he is playing in the infield or the outfield.

5- MAK Pataudi

Possibly the first person to emphasise the significance of fielding to the Indians was the late Nawab Pataudi Jr. The one-eyed prodigy’s extraordinary fielding abilities earned him the moniker “the Tiger.” The Tiger donned the cover with his usual air of self-assurance and lightning-fast speed.

4- Yuvraj Singh

His preferred position is at “Jonty Corner,” and he is known as “The Pride of Punjab.” He is considered to be one of India’s most agile fielders. The tall left-handed player is an expert at making amazing acrobatic catches and has a good eye for running out potential outs. After being sidelined by previous injuries and health issues related to cancer, the whole sport of cricket is anxiously anticipating his comeback to the playing field.

3- Mohammed Kaif

Among the fastest and most efficient examples of its sort. Md. Kaif and Yuvraj Singh, both of whom played for India and were led by Saurav Ganguly as captain, brought about a sea change in the way the nation approaches fielding. The hitter who bats in the middle order is known for his lightning-fast footwork all around the field. In addition to that, he threw with a remarkable degree of accuracy. In spite of the fact that he is not a very good batter, he owns the record for the most catches made in a single game at the World Cup.

2- Suresh Raina

Greg Chappell’s most significant contribution to Indian cricket must be Suresh Raina, who is widely considered to be one of the best fielders of this generation. The Indian fielding is helped tremendously by the power shown by this left-handed batter. Because of his lightning-quick reflexes, nimble feet, and keen eye for the field, he is largely regarded as India’s finest fielder and a top contender worldwide. This is due to the fact that his eye for the field is sharp and he has agile feet. Not only is he capable of taking great catches, but he also has a knack for smashing into the wickets while he is playing cricket. It is not out of the question that the trio consisting of him, Kohli, and Jadeja is the most talented one that India has ever seen compete on the field.

  1. Eknath Solkar.

Without a doubt, India’s best fielder in the history of the sport. Eknath Solkar, who has since passed away, has the distinction of becoming the first Indian player to win a match exclusively as a result of his outstanding fielding. The remarkable catches that he made during India’s match against England in 1971 at The Oval were a significant contributor to India’s first win in a Test match played in England. With 53 catches in just 27 games, he holds the highest catches-per-test-match average among non-wicket-keepers with 20 or more Tests due to the fact that he has played in only 27 games.

These individuals are among the most accomplished field players India has ever sent to compete internationally. In spite of this, India has a decent chance of being one of the top fielding teams in the world in the years to come since they have guys like Manoj Tiwari and Manish Pandey warming the bench for them.

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