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Vajiram and Ravi login, Fee Structure, Courses, & More

If you’re an aspirant of UPSC IAS, then you must be familiar with this login portal. Vajiram and Ravi is the biggest educational brand. It is one of the top-ranked institutes that provides UPSC entrance exam coaching to students.

They have their institute branch in Delhi and Chennai. The top two metro cities where they provide their services. A business model that earns revenue through imparting education to the students or aspirants of UPSC.

To take a look of the 2022 Toppers visit their official site. They provide necessary study material to the students for preparation. They have a category called Misc in their portal, in that category you can explore all about UPSC.

About UPSC

Union Public Service Commission – UPSC is India’s toughest exam, to become an IAS this exam is mandatory to cleared. Further, more rounds will lead you to your dream. This institute coaches to the last round of the examination.

About Vajiram and Ravi Login

Vajiram and Ravi Login is a digital Login portal where you can register yourself for the classes. One can gain admission to the institute through their login portal. They provide mock practices, teach syllabus, take mock interviews, and support the dreams of the students.

They provide both online and offline courses to study. Once you log in, you can address that they have started with the targeted course of 2025 and 2026 which is amazing.

They built your future with Vajiram and Ravi’s coaching institution. In 2022, over 370 students selected from this institute. They claim that every year around 30% of the total students who become an IAS are the students of their coaching institute.

Vajiram and Ravi Login

How to Vajiram and Ravi login Site?

To create an account please follow the below listed steps:

• Search for the Vajiram and Ravi login of the site on the browser/ Download the application.

• Then you get the verified link click on it to create your account.

• After opening the official link or application go to the create account option on the home page.

• Add your email ID and generate a password for yourself.

• Complete the sign in process thoroughly.

• This ID and password created trying login into the portal.

Courses offered by Vajiram and Ravi Institue

Target 2026

G.S. 2 Year – PCM – Online (Fledging comprehensive online program).

This course includes two years of dedication and focus. Those students who can’t be available physically can choose this one. The whole two years of the program will taught digitally.

G.S. 2 Year – PCM – Offline (Fledging comprehensive offline program).

This course includes two years of believes and hard work. Students who wish to attend regular learning can choose this mode. The whole two years of the program will done in an offline classroom.

Target 2025

G.S. PCM – Offline (PCM comprehensive offline programme).

Offline Mode- This course is available for a short period. Students those who wants to appear for the 2025 examination who wants a regular session can choose this course option. It is course of 11 months in which all the topics will covered thoroughly with tests and practices.

G.S. PCM – Online (PCM comprehensive online programme).

Online Mode- This course is available for short period. Students those who wants to appear for the 2025 examination and can’t show their presence physically can choose this course option. It is course of 11 months in which all the topics will covered thoroughly with tests and practices.

Optional Subject (OS Programme)

This program is available only in online mode. It is a course of 5 months in which students can learn their optional subject in detail. Live classes will be done for this course.

G.S. PCM comprehensive programme at Chennai Centre

It is course of 11 months, in which all the important topics will be covered thoroughly. This course will be done at Chennai centre of this institute. It will be followed by offline session and regular lectures.

Few structure or Vajiram and Ravi

It is one of the top ranked institution that prepare the aspirants to hold the responsibility of the nation in their hands. The charges are of this institute sounds affordable for some and for some it’s not payable.

They provide flexible payment options to pay. Students can even go for monthly payment option.

For General Studies.

  • It Includes Prelims – Mains – Advance: 1,54,000 (Duration of course is 36 weeks).
  • CAST: 19,000 (Duration 12 Weeks).
  • G.S Course fees Including GST: 1,74,000 (Includes Prelims – Mains- Advance).

How to reset the password at Vajiram and Ravi Login?

To reset or recreate your login password follow the below listed steps:

• Open the official link of the Vajiram and Ravi Login on the browser or the application.

• Go for forgot password option to reset it.

• Click on the forgot password option to recreate a new one.

• Add you mail ID or phone number to get the OTP code for approval.

• Then, create a new password and reconfirm it. Do the submission once completed.

• Come back to the homepage login portal and do the login.

How to Connect with Vajiram and Ravi Institution?

Go on their official site and choose the social media platform to connect with them. They have provided their contact details and social media profile on the site. They are available on various platforms, you can connect with them on:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • On Call
  • YouTube

Alternatives of Vajiram and Ravi Login

To become an IAS it is not necessary to take a coaching. However, the fear of not getting selected as developed a big education market for education mafias. Parents are spending all their savings on their children in a positive hope. This institute promises to fulfill the hopes of the parents. They have a team of qualified teachers, experts, and mentors. One to one guidance is provided. There are various other platforms in the market from where you can prepare yourself for the exam.

Some of the top competitors of this institution are:

  • Visionias.in
  • Insightsonindia.com
  • Iasbaba.com
  • Rauias.com
  • Vajiroa and more


Vajiram and Ravi Login is a digital site created for the students to do the login. There are various other platforms to learn and grab education. It is a coaching institute that prepares you for India’s biggest examination – UPSC.

From a comparative perspective, this brand has more support as compared to other institutes. The track record of this institute is the strength of its marketing and brand advertisement.

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