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What To Do & Not to Do on the Poker Table

There are some documented and non-documented norms of the poker table. Every distinguished player follows these norms, and following these norms is an un-documented obligation of the poker player. 

Neglecting these rules does not cast a good image of the player. Knowing how to behave gives a player a better image and respect for others. There are certain things that a player must do while at the poker table, and there are things a player does that creates a negative image of self. The following passages give you an idea about the norms and things that must never be done on the poker table. 

What Are the General Norms of the Poker Table?

These are the things that a player must maintain on the poker table:-

  • Behavior: A player must behave courteously all the time. It eliminates the chances of any dispute happening. With good behavior and respect, you receive the same from other players. Good behavior projects your positive image among other players, and the same works in your favor. 
  • Knowledge About Regulation of Poker: A player must be familiar with the game’s rules, whether it is poker or any other game. With knowledge of the game, the player can play poker proficiently, allowing the player to have fruitful results from the game. With the knowledge of the rules and norms of the game, results will propagate in favor of the person. 
  • Familiarity with Tournament Format: There are multiple variations of poker, and the player must know the tournament format in which games will happen. Knowing the same allows players to prepare for the tournament in which they wish to participate. With good preparation, the chances of winning the tournament are higher. 
  • Caution While Betting: A player must know when to withdraw from the game. The same allows players to prevent themself from a heavy loss. Poker is a game of calculation, chance, and luck. If the luck is not showing a tolerable fair, it is best to put down the game. 

What Are the Things That Must Not Be Done on a Poker Table?

Others do not appreciate certain activities, damaging the player’s reputation. These are the activities that must not be done:- 

  • Playing Without Developing the Required Skills: If a player plays without developing the required skills, it affects the game’s outcomes and the person’s image. The same create adherence in future endeavors.
  • Cheating: Although cheating is eliminated to a certain limit in online games. Some players attempt unethical ways to win the games; distinguished platforms block such players. 


Certain norms include dos and don’ts of online poker games. When it comes to real money poker, Pocket52 is the best platform. 

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