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4 Factors to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Lighting

The best way to do a complete makeover of your backyard is by getting the right outdoor lights. The options are endless, with various lighting styles and fixtures that meet both aesthetic and functional requirements.  

Outdoor lighting is an important investment in your home and lifestyle. With the range of bold and contemporary lighting solutions that complement modern-day architecture, you can glam up your abode easily. Whether you have an outdoor dining space, a patio or a garden path, choosing the appropriate lighting solution can make a lot of difference. So, before you decide whether you need a table or floor lighting, pole top or bollard lighting or recessed wall lights, here are a few things you must consider. 

Choice of materials

The outdoors is exposed to rain, wind, sunlight and even salt. Hence, the choice of material is an important consideration.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel is a cheap material with good resistance to salt damage. If your property is near the sea, purchase stainless steel light fixtures for your outdoor. 

Copper, bronze and brass: The fixtures made from copper, bronze and brass would also be a great choice as, after oxidation, these metals become immune to external elements, which increases their longevity. 

Aluminium: Aluminium could be another great option as it does not rust due to self-passivation. Various light fixtures are made from anodized aluminium to generate a polished finish and increase durability. 

Types of outdoor lighting

Some of the most common types of outdoor lighting based on material, style, placement and function are:

Pendant lights: Pendant lights that come with a sturdy suspended rod will be the best choice for your undercover patios. 

Festoon lights: Festoon lights resemble fairy string lights and are fitted with small bulbs. It can illuminate your sprawling outdoor space rendering a magical vibe. 

Wall lights: Wall lights are highly versatile, and can you can install these in different locations like garage doors, beside entryways, sheds and decks. These lights come in various designs adding character to your facade or decor. 

Spot Lights: Spotlights are also designed as up-down lights and are ideal for the main entrance, front porch, pool area, veranda or deck and along the walkway.

Step lights: Step lights are ideal for your entry or garden paths. You can also mount them on terraces or steps, which creates an aesthetic effect and increases safety. 

Damp and wet rated

The design of outdoor fixtures is based on their use in damp or wet locations. 

Damp-rated: Damp-rated fixtures are the best for pergolas, covered patios and regions not exposed to moisture and rain. Outdoor hanging lights and ceiling lights are damp-rated.

Wet-rated: Wet-rated fixtures are used in places exposed to rain and wind. Motion sensor lights, wall lights and post lights are wet rated.


With sustainable outdoor lighting options, you can do a complete makeover of your outdoor space and save electricity as well. 

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Motion sensors and timers: You can power some outdoor lights with motion sensors and timers. The sensor light is powered when somebody is near it. It can be helpful when entering or exiting the home in the dark, which adds an extra bit of security. 

Timers have a built-in clock that links the light and the power source, letting you switch on and off lights at set times. 

Solar lights: Solar lights are inexpensive and can illuminate a courtyard or a lush garden. These are mostly decorative, offering mellow illumination so that you don’t need to use powerful lights at all times.  

Outdoor lights not only create an ambience but also amps up home security. Hence, to have sophisticated lighting for your outdoor, take note of the factors discussed here and create an exquisite curb appeal for your home. 

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