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Department of Revenue Application Status, Karnataka

The land surveying method is Not new in India; it has been applicable for centuries. The British government facilitates the land measurement system with the help of a canonical Chain. Mojani is a Marathi word which means land surveying. It means approved land measurement ,whereas Emojani  means approved land measurement in electronic format. 

People nowadays ,like all Karnataka people can check the mojini v3 status application on their devices such as Mobile phones, PC, or laptops also. You can easily find the survey number of any piece of land in Karnataka. All karnatakas can check the status of survey documents on the official websites. 

Mojini is a digit web portal and an android application provided by the government of Karnataka. It will be helpful for the farmers that they can get the copies of some land survey records without having to visit government offices again and again. 


Chain surveying is a method that can provide linear measurement ; angular measurements are not attainable with this method. The total land area of a relatively small, level parcel of land is calculated using this method. It is a technique of creating electronic land survey maps or records that are offered by Bhukekh.


To check status, you need to visit the official websites. Enter the required details ( search by the application number ,Mobile number ,or survey number) and get the status.

Follow the simple step to check the  status by websites 

  • Go to the web portal
  • Click on the status .
  • You will see the three options to check by application number ,mobile number and survey number.
  • Select and enter the number.
  • Click on the get status.
  • Follow the simple ways to check by app
  • You need to Download the app for android from the google play store.
  • Open the app and Click on the view mojini request status.
  • Select an option by which you check the status by application number, Mobile number and survey number .
  • Enter the details required then you will get the get status and Click on the get status

How to check allotment status?

Follow the step to check allotment status from the official websites of bhoo mojini karnataka.

  • Visit the official website .
  • Then click in the allotment Status.
  • Select an option in the application ,Mobile or survey number.
  • Enter all required status and get the details.


I hope you like these three methods to check status. For everyone, it’s very useful to get Information is a vital part of every individual in today’s modern world. However it also discussed the benefits that they are aware of the positive And negative impacts. A few simple adaptations can make  content more easily accessible to all who might find or recieve it.

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