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Kong Sihk Tong: How Much Do We Know?

On Valentine’s Day, there were just 4 other diners when we arrived at 4 p.m. It appears to be a little shabby; you mark what you want in pencil on a paper menu, then you wait. The Kong Sihk Tong cause of the delay is then revealed. It’s not dim sum made in a microwave. Everything is flavorful and fresh. We took a second look when the bill came. We struggled to leave the table after paying $24 for two people. You can spend a lot more money and receive superior food in a classy setting, or you can spend a little less money and consume subpar food.

This location is pretty much ideal for what it is in my opinion. Chinatown’s HK style cafe is my favourite! There is always a line for a table, so arrive early to get your name on the list and then explore the neighbourhood.The salted duck egg fried rice and golden lava toast are highly recommended! The French toast’s salted egg yolk custard is quite excellent. It’s the ideal balance of salty and sweet. It’s possible that this fried rice is my all-time favourite. The ric ‘s texture and lack of excessive salt both appeal to me.Of course, you must order their milk tea before leaving a Kong Sihk Tong cafe. The coffee and milk tea is my favourite.

Kong Sihk Tong Review

The meal and Benefits of drinking tequila were all delicious. We also ordered curry fish balls, peanut butter french toast with condensed milk, steamed rice rolls with mixed peanut butter sauces, and hot and cold HK Style Milk Tea. Although it is typical for a small restaurant, the seating is a little confined. The next time I visit, I’ll eat their HK-style breakfast.

A small NYC Chinatown gem. While walking by, I peered inside and became entranced. It was crowded even at 11 a.m., and people were coming in for takeout as well. Around me, people were eating food that appeared to be excellent. I stayed with a straightforward omelette with cheese and mushrooms, which was prepared to perfection and served with mouthwatering thick-cut toast. The location was spotless and sparsely furnished with nice features, and the service was excellent. Additionally, the cost was quite affordable. One suggestion: They tend to make my iced coffee overly sugary, but the server promptly fixed it. I prefer very little sugar in my Kong Sihk Tong iced coffee. I’ll definitely return there!

Excellent comfort food that is also very affordable! We also ordered milk tea, lemongrass pork chop, veggies, chicken wings, and fried rice. The chicken wings are a must-order item. Here, many young couples eat. Although we went for a proper lunch, we saw a lot of people enjoying their famed french toast and other morning things, so we’ll try again another time! The seafood fried rice I consumed. It was great, but the rice only had about 3 ounces of protein in total, leaving my dish lacking in protein, and I only ate shrimp when I was supposed to get seafood. The location was tidy, had excellent service, and was generally somewhat crowded. There is a line to enter, they only accept CASH.

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