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One Million Dollars Meme: Ideas, Jokes, Funny, Love

One Million Dollars Meme: Introduction

One million dollar is a macro meme of the famous hollywood actor Myke Myers. The name of the film is Austin Powers which is a comedy action film. Myke Myers plays the role of Dr Evil in the film. The film is not a single movie but a series. There is a scene in the film where Dr Evil bites his pinky finger slowly, gives a funny face expression and that screenshot is captioned with “one million dollars.” This meme’s origin is traced back to the year 2012. The bald look of an evil scientist is kinda a perfect meme material.

THE IMPACT & SPREAD: One Million Dollars Meme

Everyone knows about the well known Austin Powers series which has a high comedy value because of the hilarious scenes in it. This meme just adds on to that. The Austin power fan base combined with Myke Myers fan base made so many memes on the template and increased it’s shareability  so much. Reddit’s meme subreddit exploded with this meme when in was new. Now you will find this famous template as a GIF in almost every meme making website. It was raining upvotes and comments on the meme. This meme was used in so many subreddits including r/memes to r/adviceanimals. The post on  r/adviceanimals got over 30,000 upvotes in the following two weeks. There is no better image other than the image of Dr Evil when you say “1 million dollars”!

One Million Dollars Meme


  • Me when I ask my bill at starbucks coffee : one million dollars.
  • Me when I got to buy popcorn while watching movie : one million dollars.
  • My dad when I ask him how much money have I wasted : one million dollars.
  • My friend when someone asks for how much money would he kill me: one million dollars.
  • Me when my ex girl friend asks what will it take for me to forgive her and forget that she cheated on me : one million dollars.
  • Colleges when you say you don’t have grades but you can donate to college for admission : one million dollars.
  • My friends when they are asked how much is my worth : a lot less than one million dollars.
  • My bill when I take the iPhone 13 pro max girl in my class to a date: one million dollars.
  • One Million Dollars Meme hospital bill when I have a mild leg sprain : one million dollars.
  • Me asking the price of iPhone 19 in the year 2048 : one million dollars !

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