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A parabola can be interpreted as an open curve. A parabola is a plane curl or an arc. A parabola is constructed when a cone or a conical structure bisects or crosses with a parallel plane on the side of it. This is a curve that is a symmetrical plane. 

Equation of Parabola

Now coming on to the equation of parabola, it can be written as follows –

y = a(x-h)2 + k 

It can also be indicated as ;

x = a(y-k)2 +h

where (h,k) is to indicate the vertex of the parabola.

There is also a definitive aspect for the equation of a parabola is, 

y2 = 4ax.

Vertex of a Parabola

A vertex of a parabola is specified as the peak of the parabola or the minimum of the parabola. The procedure to find the vertex of a parabola can be accomplished by finishing off the square.

 It can also be found by utilizing the formula which is,

X= -b/2*a

Where: X is the vertex of a parabola that is to be found.


Parabola can be noticed and seen everywhere in our day-to-day lives. The only thing is to notice them in a very precise and mathematical manner. The basic shape of a parabola is nothing but an Alphabet “U” that is stretched and sloped on a plane.

A few real-life evident examples to get to learn more clear and detailed ideas about a parabola are mentioned below:

  • Water falling out from the fountain forms the wonderful shape of a parabola.
  • A ball that is thrown above in the air also forms a shape of a parabola.
  • A very famous ride that is known as a roller coaster ride also constructs a beautiful real-life example and shape of a parabola. 
  • At a few times, the tracks also become a real-life example of a parabola.


A hyperbola can be interpreted as a section of the cone that is shaped by the result of the crossing or the junction of the double cone by any surface that is plane. A hyperbola is very much related to the ellipse. 

Equation of Hyperbola

The equation of hyperbola is as follows:-

(X-h) 2a2 – ( y-k) 2b2 = 1

 A horizontal hyperbola is a hyperbola whose transverse axis is straight. The equation for a horizontal hyperbola is as follow- 

(X-h) 2 / a2-  (y-k) sq. / b sq.  = 1

A vertical hyperbola is a hyperbola whose transverse axis is vertical. The equation for a vertical hyperbola is as follow –

(Y-k) 2 / a * a – (x-h) 2 / b * b= 1

The equation for either hyperbola is as follows – 

c*c= a*a + b*b

Where ” C ” is the length from the center to the point of the focus.


In a hyperbola, both of the curls are very much identical to each other. A few examples from real lives to get more obvious and evident concepts of a hyperbola are as follows-

  •  There is a very popular musical instrument that is a Guitar. This is one of the most widespread real-life examples of hyperbola.
  • Dulles hyperbola is also a very prominent real-life example of a hyperbola.
  • An additional example of a hyperbola is a gear transmission.
  • Another real-life example is Kobe airport.
  • The next example is the systems of satellites.
  •  Another real-life example of a hyperbola is the lenses and the optical glasses.

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