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The Sneaky Ways to Find Out Your Hair Type

Don’t you find it irritating when you purchase a fantastic hair care product, but it doesn’t suit you? Believe it or not, many people face the same problem. The real reason? No one is sure about their hair type.  Buying a good product is only half the battle. Precisely, if you want to buy Olaplex online for deep conditioning or damage repair, you must find out your hair type first. Can’t figure out how to find it? Dive in!

How Do You Even Figure Out Your Hair Type?

A good product nourishes the hair, while a bad one does the damage, sometimes beyond repair. Now, before you get another wrong hair care item in your vanity bag, here’s how you know which type your tresses belong to. 

  1. Straight

The dream hair of every advertisement for flat iron has to be this one. Not only does every person secretly aspire to get it but also manoeuvres their way to somehow ‘straighten’ the keratin. 

You have straight hair if, 

  • You have no natural curl. 
  • The hair falls from root to tip without any waves at all.
  • You can easily rock any haircut with minimum maintenance.
  • Dry shampoo is your go-to hair cleanser. 
  1. Curly 

The bouncy, S-shaped manes are another name for giving a person a bubbly look. Even though this hair type is a little difficult to comb, you can’t deny the appeal of unkempt beachy curls. 

You have curly hair if:

  • The circumference of your tresses is a little wider than the candle taper.
  • You require a long time to style your hair, especially with respect to combing.
  • Your go-to hairstyle is a bun or a ponytail if you want a pulled-back look.
  • Lightweight, anti-humidity mousses are the best styling friend of your locks. 
  1. Wavy 

One of the most common hair types is the one that comes with waves. Not only do they allow you quick taming with the right products and tools, but they also allow a fantastic appearance even in the absence. 

You have wavy hair if:

  • Your hair is defined by the gentle and tousled texture.
  • You carry straight hair from roots to eyes level, and the waves start right around the temple. 
  • Hard water and humidity make your tresses more frizz-prone and a little more untameable. 
  • Your hair depicts what beachy waves should look like. 
  1. Coils

The S-shaped, tightly wound coils make for one of the most delicate hairstyles. 

You have coiled hair type if, 

  • You can wrap your strands around a chopstick.
  • Your hair requires a high quantity of moisture but dislikes oil.
  • The protective tuck away style sucks out the moisture from the ends and makes your hair more brittle. 
  • Shingling is the favourite hair care routine essential that your beautiful tresses can’t live without. 

Final Thoughts

Figuring out your hair type is crucial if you want to attain a pleasing look while keeping the strands in the best health. No matter whether you buy Olaplex online or visit a local drugstore for bond maintenance shampoo, the tress variety is the decisive factor.

The final word of advice? To keep your hair in the optimum shape, make sure to purchase the ones which cater to the strand porosity and density. The more dense the strand type is, the more moisture your manes will need.

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