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Tunic Dress: Ideas, Looks, Creative, Aesthetic, Styling

So what is a tunic dress? A tunic dress is basically a longer version of a top. Sounds funny, right? But it is actually pretty! Like said, they are longer tops. They were first worn by the romans. They did not just wear it as it is. Instead they wore it with a belt at their waist. This was worn by both male and females. These dresses are usually identified by how well it fits onto the body. If it is tighter, it is most likely to be of a female. If it is looser, obviously it is of a male. These tunic dresses have a huge history. They were made in the 14th century! Tunic dresses have a rectangular silhouette making it wearable for both men and women.

How Should Tunic Dresses Be Worn?: Tunic Dress

This is a question that bothers almost anybody that is new to tunic dresses. Since they are longer tops, they can be worn as it is for summer and worn with pants or trousers for winter.

For Summer: Tunic Dress

Wear the tunic dress the way it is for the summer. But you can also have a little bit of fun while making it not boring. Do not wear anything on the bottom such as trousers or pants. You can still wear shorts if you would like to and are not comfortable with the length of the tunic dress. Add a cotton or a polyester cardigan with the tunic dress. Sometimes tunic dresses will not compliment some body types and at this point, cardigans do save the awkwardness in fashion.

Tunic Dress

For Winter: Tunic Dress

Obviously one can not wear just the tunic dress for winter as it would be incredibly cold outside! Pair the tunic dress with a pair of trousers that are warm enough for you and also would coordinate with your beautiful tunic dress. Once you have paired your tunic dress with a pair of trousers or pants, go for the last step of layering. As in a jacket or a coat. If the tunic dress is a neutral tone and if you spot yellow or tan in your outfit, wear a beige or tan coat or leather jacket. At the end, wear some boots of tan or beige. Preferably boots of higher length as the dress is shorter.

Wearing Tunic Dress As A Top

This really is a casual look. All you need is a crisp white tunic top with buttons. It is completely fine even if you do not find one without buttons. We can work it out. Remember fashion is all about working things out no matter what. Now wear a pair of white jeans underneath, preferably of skinny and of ankle length. Add a white watch if you would like to. Or if you want to pair your handbag with your watch, that works too! As for the handbag, stick with a grey minibag. Wear a pair of white heels with ankle straps and some sunglasses with a white or black frame! This can go with a business casual look as well!

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